Emmerdale fans fear for Amelia Spencer as she breaks down over cancer worries

Fans of EMMERDALE are concerned for Amelia Spencer as she sobbed tonight about her concerns of having cancer.

The ITV soap’s teenage mother, who is portrayed by actress Daisy Campbell, discovered a lump in her breast earlier this week.

She was referred for medical diagnostics despite GP Manpreet Sharma’s advice that it was probably only a plugged milk duct.

However, when it came time to visit the hospital, Amelia was unable to deal with it and confided in Samson Dingle.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t much of a consolation, accusing Amelia of being selfish for delaying going to the hospital and running the risk of leaving baby Esther without a mother.

His advice convinced her to go to the hospital, but when the nurse suggested a biopsy, Amelia could not contain her fear.

She ended up telling her ex Noah about her anxieties after getting home.

She told him as she became upset, “I went to the hospital.”

It was merely intended to be a scan. They performed a biopsy on my breast using a needle. I discovered a lump.

Samson called me selfish because if I die, Esther won’t have a mother. I was frightened and missed my bus.

“I visited Manpreet, who advised me that it was most likely just a plugged milk duct. The stenographer advises me to keep breastfeeding.

“Noah, I don’t want to pass away. Faith had cancer, just look at her. Perhaps it’s cancer. If it wasn’t cancer, why would they take me to the hospital for so many tests? What’s going on with me?

Fans are concerned for Amelia after hearing her sob in dread.

“You gotta feel for Amelia having to go through a cancer scare on her own,” one person said.

“Poor Amelia, I just want to give her a hug,” a second person said.

“Amelia worrying about dying,” said another.

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