Emmerdale fans ‘expose’ identity of Charity’s baby daddy – and it’s not Mackenzie

After Charity Dingle’s shocking pregnancy announcement, fans of Emmerdale believe Jamie Tate is the father of the child. The soap actor is expected to return for the show’s 50th anniversary.

This week’s episode of the well-known ITV soap opera revealed that Charity and her partner Mackenzie Boyd are expecting a child.

When she and Amelia Spencer ran into one other in a clinic, she consoled and advised Amelia Spencer that she was expecting.

Additionally, Charity’s announcement came after her fiancé and the alleged father of her child made jokes of her odd pickle appetite.

Fans, however, are not entirely certain that Mack is the father of Charity’s child; one believes that Jamie Tate, Kim Tate’s son and the father of Gabby Thomas’ child, is in fact the biological father.

One fan made the following prediction while using the Emmerdale hashtag: “It’s probably Jamie’s baby, as a bonus twist for the Christmas episodes!”

One more echoed: “#Emmerdale I believe Jamie is the biological father of Charity’s child!”

Jamie fled the soap when he crashed into a lake, leading the locals to believe he had passed away.

He is, however, very much alive and residing with his daughter Millie and his ex-wife Andrea’s mother Hazel, who is unknown to everyone in the community.

Therefore, is he the father of Charity’s child? And could the soap be preparing for his significant comeback?

Jamie referance – he needs to come back for the anniversary #Emmerdale, one fan tweeted recently amid fan speculation that he may make an epic comeback.

“When on earth is #Jamie going to make another appearance? We know he’s alive,” another person commented.

A third responded: “#emmerdale We all know that Jamie Tate returned to Emmerdale for the town’s 50th anniversary, so I hope he does so soon to wrest his son from a horrible mother like Gabby.”

Do you anticipate Jamie making a significant return to the Dales for the 50th anniversary? And will the fact that he is the baby’s father come as a major surprise?

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