Emmerdale fans ‘expose’ Caleb’s downfall as Kim ‘already knows’ about revenge plot

Fans of Emmerdale think Caleb’s time is running out because they think Kim Tate is spying on him.

Caleb, who was recently discovered to be the late Kim Tate’s son, arrived in the community with the aim of reclaiming Home Farm from the sassy entrepreneur.

Additionally, the newcomer has included Nicky, his son, in his retaliation strategy.

Kim revealed to Dan during Thursday’s (April 13) episode of the ITV soap opera that someone had alerted her business partners in Dubai that she was experiencing financial difficulties.

In a later scene of the show, Caleb persuaded Kim that traveling to Dubai was the best course of action to stop their developers from leaving.

Dan concurred that it was the proper decision when Caleb maintained that he could take care of the situation at Home Farm.

Fans, however, hypothesized on social media that Kim knows more than she is letting on after seeing her capitulate so quickly.

Kim is aware of Nicky and celebrities. She’s just playing along,” a viewer observed.

An additional supporter commented, “Surely this is the point Kim starts to become suspicious with Caleb suggesting/being adamant that she goes to Dubai?”

Kim often keeps her business cards close to her breast, but lately she’s been a wide open book, according to another.

Fourth: “Kim knows what Caleb & Nicky are up to as she’s drip feeding information to get back to them, she’s telling them what they want to hear,”

While another person remarked, “Kim’s got a plan. There’s no doubt that she’s spied on Caleb.

Kim told Gabby that Caleb would basically be in charge of everything while she was gone before she left.

As tensions between Caleb and Nicky continue to escalate, it appears like cracks are already beginning to appear.

Caleb argued that everything was coming together while Nicky admitted to his father that he wasn’t sure how much longer he could take lying.

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