Emmerdale fans excited as Sandra’s downfall begins after Mandy makes a huge discovery

Mandy’s significant revelation has left Emmerdale viewers jubilant as Sandra’s downfall has finally begun.

As viewers may remember, Sandra returned to the village last month and has already conned Rishi Sharma and her own gullible daughter Liv. However, little does Sandra realize that Mandy is hot on her trail.

When lonely Rishi visited the salon for some pampering and revealed that he had come into some money, Sandra sensed a business opportunity.

In order to set up a date with Rishi, Sandra created a phony dating profile. When the meeting was canceled, Sandra was there to cheer up the businessman.

And she did, spending the night at Holdgate together. However, everything was flipped upside down when Sandra disclosed her true plan and demanded money from Rishi in order to remain quiet about their relationship.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap opera, Mandy expressed to Vinny her concerns that she wasn’t sure Sandra had changed as Liv had promised, but Vinny was having none of it.

Mandy installed a camera to capture Sandra in the act after cash started disappearing from the tip jar. Mandy received more than she anticipated when she managed to catch Sandra in the act of blackmailing Rishi and disclosing her scheme.

The popular ITV show’s viewers are thrilled that Sandra’s secret will finally be revealed, but they are also hopeful that Mandy will be able to show everyone the film before Sandra sees it.

Sandra at last made a mistake, according to @1stLadyHooligan. Before Sandra can see the video, I hope Mandy quickly shows it to Liv. #Emmerdale.”

@itzzzo_ said: “Mandy better not lose the recording #Emmerdale now that she has evidence against that b****.”

Looking forward to Mandy bringing Sandra down on #Emmerdale, said @teenamassam.

Praise the heavens for detective #Mandy, said @Rosepetal98_. Sandra Rishi is from Emmerdale. “I hope Mandy brings down Sandra #Emmerdale,” @mikepriestley13 wrote.

Victoria then advised Ethan to submit for the appeal and left to fetch a drink, but Ethan urged Diane to try and convince Victoria to change her mind by saying that there is only “a minuscule chance” that her plan will succeed.

The soap opera has already announced that Danny Miller will reprise his role as Aaron for the 50th anniversary.

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