Emmerdale fans ‘do double take’ as ‘wrong’ character appears

The Wednesday episode of Emmerdale left viewers perplexed as they believed they had seen someone they hadn’t.

This week, Gabby started dating a new guy after running into a handsome stranger named Chris while using an online dating site. She contacted him for a second date after what she believed was an incredible first date.

Her stepmother Laurel recently had a sexual affair with Kit the physio, and it was recently made public that the two men are actually the same.

The “love triangle” has drawn criticism from viewers at home, and in the most recent episode of the venerable ITV soap, Kit was shopping for materials before cooking for Gabby when Laurel walked into the store.

Kit chose to accept Amy’s suggestion that he was setting up a romantic date with Laurel by texting Gabby to apologize for “running late.”

Kit’s striped jersey from the episode is quite similar to one Matty Dingle has. Many viewers were perplexed and believed that Matty was dining with Laurel due to the outfits and their dark, short hair.

Doreen Morfitt asked: “Why did I mistake Kit for Matty then?” on Twitter. I did too, Cherry Jackson retorted, “It’s the t-shirt.”

By Kath: “then thought that was Matty! Like the ambiguity in this episode isn’t enough “. Says Shaun “then thought that was Matty! Just to further complicate matters”.

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