Emmerdale fans divided as they spot major format change just minutes into ITV soap

Emmerdale viewers were split after seeing a huge change on the iconic ITV soap.

This week, soap fans were treated to dark and violent flash-forward sequences at the beginning of each episode, hinting at bleak futures for some town residents.

A shotgun has been fired, an empty grave has been discovered, and a potentially fatal vehicle accident has been witnessed.

On Wednesday (May 11), the episode began with young Noah (Jack Downham) pleading with an unknown assailant to let him out of an empty grave in the woods near Home Farm.

He fights to free himself before the unknown assailant covers the tomb, leaving the stalking kid in complete darkness.

Some fans assumed it was Al (Michael Wildman), who told Kerry (Laura Norton) that he was going to find Noah and give him a lesson.

It happened when Chloe (Jessie Elland) disclosed Noah had been following her and photographing her without her permission.

Cain Dingle was shown bloodied and slumped over his steering wheel in one of the flash-forward sequences, confirming that he was engaged in the horrific vehicle accident.

Some fans adored the flashbacks and took to Twitter to praise the show, while others were less enthusiastic.

“Obsessed with the flashforwards, they look INCREDIBLE,” one person wrote.

“Loving these flash forwards, they’re amazing,” said a second.

“What a way to open an episode,” a third said, while another said, “Loving this flash forward edginess.”

Others, on the other hand, were less than impressed and weren’t afraid to voice their displeasure.

“So it’s not just the flashback intros that all the soaps are getting into, it’s the ‘it’s all kicking off’ ones eh?” one person wrote. Have a woods battle royale, which you already have.”

“Can’t keep up with these flashforwards…” said another.

During Cain’s fight with Al last month, the soap’s producers teased their flash-forward episodes.

“As the week begins, we witness a hazy graveyard with an open grave in the gloom,” the statement stated.

“The sound of a gunshot and the slamming of an iron police cell door can be heard in the woods before we witness a crumpled car steaming in the darkness after a tragic accident… But who are the people whose bodies are in the wreck, and what does it all mean?

“The feud between Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and his nemesis Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) appears to be heating up, but could this special week be the pinnacle of their mutual hatred?

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