Emmerdale fans distracted by Moira’s wardrobe blunder as she wows in unbuttoned overalls

Eagle-eyed Fans of Emmerdale have criticized Moira Barton for her glaring fashion gaffe while visiting her son Matty after Leyla Harding was admitted to the hospital.

After her son stashed illegal substances in the back of Suzy Merton’s car on Friday night (August 5), the devoted mother had a heart-to-heart conversation with him during their trip to the Yorkshire Dales in an effort to guide him in the right direction.

After learning that the brunette beauty was the one who sold his sister the lethal medicines that caused her death, Matty has been unable to see anything but crimson for the past few days.

Since then, he has been patiently waiting for the ideal chance to exact revenge on the former drug user, but sadly, the narcotics ended up in Leyla’s hands and led to a heart attack that almost claimed her life.

Sharp-eyed viewers couldn’t help but notice the full-time farmer looked unusually tidy despite working in the fields all day while the long-running star was rushing around cleaning up her son’s mess.

One viewer tweeted throughout the show to inform his fellow online admirers of his confusion.

Why does Moira, who works on a dirty farm, always wear spotless overalls with no dirt or grime on them? he asked on Twitter in reference to Emmerdale.

The show’s fan quickly received a barrage of responses from other viewers who had also observed the peculiar synchronicity.

An individual who concurred wrote: “Moira with her pristine overalls working on the farm [confused emoji] #emmerdale.”

“Moira has the cleanest overalls of any farmer I’ve ever seen…they’re always spotless #Emmerdale,” another person said.

A third remarked: “Does Moira ever get her overalls dirty? #emmerdale must be a clean farm.”

Questions about Leyla’s unexpected heart attack start to surface as the raven-haired beauty fought to shield her son from the authorities.

As soon as it was revealed that the entrepreneur routinely used cocaine, Matty began to fear that he would go to jail for supplying her the drugs that almost killed her.

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