Emmerdale fans demand to know ‘where Kim Tate has gone’

Thursday’s episode of Emmerdale left viewers perplexed as one well-known character seemed to have undergone a “personality transplant.”

Those who watched the show tonight witnessed a distraught Dawn go to her best friend Beth’s burial after learning that she had overdosed and her away.

Beth had never been brought up before, but Dawn told Kim that they had become close while they were both “on the game.”

While Dawn was at the service, Kim entered the café and approached Brenda to get her advise on how to ask Dawn how the funeral went in a considerate text message.

Kim afterwards appeared to reassure Billy that his decision to let Dawn attend the funeral by herself was the appropriate one.

She uttered: “The girl is aware of her thoughts. She will bid you farewell and depart “.

However, many viewers at home were surprised to see the often brazen Emmerdale matriarch behaving in such a gentle and sympathetic manner.

A Meena Jutla fan account posted on Twitter, saying: “Omg look at Kim being kind.”

Jennifer stated: “Why did they transplant Kim’s personality? Where did the previous Kim go? “.

Said Sophie: “Why is Kim treating Nicola well? Let’s go. Not our Kimothy at all!” “Emmerdale, what are you doing to these fierce women?” asked BnmPlanet and [sic].

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