Emmerdale fans demand character leaves village ‘as quickly as they arrived’

The emotional blackmail of Rishi by Sandra has left Emmerdale viewers wanting her to leave the area.

Fans of Emmerdale saw as Sandra catfished Rishi as part of a plot to steal his recently earned money.

She set up a date with him using a phony profile, which she later canceled in an effort to capitalize on his fears.

Rishi fell into her hands as she prepared to intervene and appeal to his sensitive side, and the two eventually spent the night together.

Sandra, who was worried about how this will all turn out, used her own anxieties to her advantage and made Rishi feel horrible for what he had done, even though it was all part of her plan.

He offers her several stacks of money, starting with £20 and gradually reaching to £200, in an effort to placate her.

The cunning ploy left viewers with a terrible taste, and many demanded that she leave the community right once following what she had done to “poor Rishi.” Sandra has to leave the hamlet as quickly as she arrived, according to a viewer who is not a fan of her cunning ways: “No fool like an old fool Rishi.”

“This Sandra needs to be fired off,” said another.

Another viewer added: “At this rate, Rishi will eventually lose all of his money. Rishi is entwined in Sandra’s small finger.”

Finally, someone said, “Get lost, Sandra!”

Sandra was surprised to discover a concealed camera in the salon, indicating that someone is aware of her actions, as Rishi drowned his sorrows.

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