Emmerdale fans delighted as unlikely ‘crime busting duo’ Cain and Suzy team up

The unusual “crime busting combination” of Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Suzy Merton has captivated Emmerdale viewers (Martelle Edinborough).

Following Leyla Cavanagh’s recent overdose and heart attack, the couple joined forces to take on her drug dealer Callum in the ITV soap opera’s August 8 episode.

Fans on Twitter instantly took notice of their unexpected hook up and hailed the duo’s sudden friendship, saying they made a “fantastic team.”

Here for Suzy and Cain as a crime-fighting team, one supporter commented.

One person said: “Oh so Cain and Suzy are pals now,” while another said: “Cain and Suzy make a fantastic bad boy and bad girl team.”

A fourth fan wrote: “Cain and Suzy teaming up [clap emojis],” in the meantime.

“So Cain was there only to act as Suzy’s bodyguard,” a fifth supporter remarked.

“Good plan #Emmerdale, Cain & Suzy straightening it out for Layla,” said the sixth.

Even though Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) was seen to be recuperating on Monday’s episode, the recovering addict was still left with a variety of issues.

Leyla attempted to cope with her hidden drug stockpile while her husband Liam (Jonny McPherson) questioned her sobriety. Leyla received assistance from the odd duo Cain and Suzy.

The two decided to work together to get Callum off of Leyla’s back.

Suzy told Callum to remain away from Leyla while handing back the drugs, and Cain intervened to assist protect her from harm.

Liam was reassured by Cain that the stash had been dealt with when he subsequently returned to Liam and Leyla.

Leyla’s rehabilitation continued to be difficult as Liam persisted in his skepticism. Can she maintain her sobriety?

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