Emmerdale fans convinced they have worked out the identity of Nicola’s attackers

Fans of Emmerdale are confident they have identified the member of the group who attacked Nicola King.

Viewers were treated to a romantic evening with TV hottie Nate Robinson and newcomer Naomi Walters during Wednesday’s trip to the Yorkshire Dales.

The gorgeous woman with raven hair joined the ITV serial in the middle of June after learning she was Charles Anderson, the beloved village vicarlong-lost ,’s daughter.

But ever since she arrived, things in the hamlet have started to become worse, from Nicola’s haphazard attack by thugs to her father’s curiously dangerous fall in the church.

Fans have expressed their worries for blissfully unaware hunk Nate as things begin to get hotter between the two as his relationship with the ominous newcomer begins to develop into romance.

Aware viewers have noted that the brunette has been hiding in the shadows whenever something dreadful occurs over the past few months.

Fans now suspect she was among the criminals who carried out the terrifying attack on Nicola in June, just days after she had moved to the village.

Users shared their thoughts and cautioned Nate that he might be dating Naomi inappropriately as soon as the amorous scenes between Nicola and Nate went viral on Twitter.

“That new girl who’s come to Emmerdale, I suspect she might be in the gang who attacked Nicola #emmerdale,” one user wrote.

One more concurred: “Naomi is such a jerk! She most definitely was one of the girls who attacked Nicola #Emmerdale, in my opinion.

“Well, I suspect that the vicar’s daughter in #emmerdale is going to turn out to be one of Nicola’s attackers,” a third person said.

It follows fans’ predictions that Meena Jutla, a deranged serial killer, and Naomi had collaborated while they were both imprisoned.

Fans speculate that Naomi might be one of Meena’s goons who is trying to wreck havoc in the hamlet while she is kept in prison because of the 50th anniversary and the approaching Halloween holiday.

One person wrote: “Naomi was incarcerated with Meena, and I have no doubt that they have plans to murder more people. In October, Meena spends a few weeks visiting. #Emmerdale.”

“Naomi is reeling Nate in pls don’t let it happen he is too kind and she is horrible #Emmerdale,” another person said in agreement.

She’s heading in the same direction as Meena, a third observer noted, and a fan further commented: “It’s because Naomi is doing Meena’s dirty work for her in prison #emmerdale.”

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