Emmerdale fans confused over Rhona and Marlon’s honeymoon plans

Rhona Goskirk and Marlon Dingle of Emmerdale are finally lawfully wed following what seemed to be an improbable nuptial.

On Thursday’s episode, they were married in a lovely ceremony, but the joy was short-lived when Marlon encountered a setback on their first day of marriage. Marlon passed out just before they were supposed to board the train for their honeymoon in Edinburgh. As a result, they missed the train.

It follows his nearly missing their wedding after being admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure. After having his first stroke in March, his closest friend Paddy was concerned it might have been a second stroke.

Mary, who was unable to travel to Scotland, made the decision that Scotland could come to them and started making haggis.

While Rhona and Marlon did find a silver lining, many of their admirers were perplexed by their first honeymoon plans.

Jamie stated on Twitter that it didn’t make sense to leave on a honeymoon while Marlon was still unwell. Declared Ryan Glendenning “The day following their wedding, Marlon and Rhona are taking a honeymoon. Why? Given Marlon’s condition, you’d think they’d wait at least a week before going on their honeymoon.”

Cathy said: “In the course of three days, there was a stag party, a wedding, and a subsequent honeymoon. Poor Marlon should have waited a few days before leaving, which explains why he is exhausted.” Shouldn’t the honeymoon wait till Marlon is better? asked Matthew Chapman.

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