Emmerdale fans confused as soap stops then starts again

Fans of the ITV serial were perplexed on Thursday as the show was triple-featured.

Following the passing of Her Majesty The Queen, the broadcaster and other stations have been regularly updating their announced schedules.

To make room for more extensive news coverage, Emmerdale and Coronation Street were both pulled from their regular timeslots. ITV then aired three episodes of Emmerdale at once in an effort to make up the lost time.

From 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., there was a three-show Emmerdale event, followed by an hour of Coronation Street. But over the course of the three episodes, numerous home viewers voiced the same criticism, according to the Mirror.

The Dales launched a village-wide search during the three episodes after Millie mysteriously vanished, horrifying Kim Tate.

She was informed by Harriet that the police had not yet located her, raising the possibility that Jamie has abducted her again.

After Kim learned for sure that her son is still alive, the youngster abruptly vanished. Nothing could have prepared the character for the revelation that Hazel had been shoved down the stairs by Jamie after learning she had been in an accident.

After Jamie faked his death in a vehicle accident in September 2021, Gabby Thomas and Dawn Taylor made the unexpected realization that he was likely still alive earlier this year. Will Taylor, Kim’s colleague, has been informed of the plot when Gabby accidentally shot him due to a case of mistaken identification.

Following the vehicle accident last year, it was thought that Jamie was alive and well, and Will quickly requested that his ex-girlfriend Harriet Finch look into the situation. He decided to check with Harriet to see if it was real, but decided not to notify his partner Kim for the time being.

But following some suspicious activities involving a private eye, Will made the decision to leave things alone, leaving him to question if he had made the right decision.

Fans of soap operas were unhappy that the credits rolled after each individual episode amid all the action. Steph posted on Twitter as follows: “In between each episode, do the credits truly run for #Emmerdale? Weird.”

Gav remarked, “Closing credits again, I’m sure they do this to wind us up,” to which David Henry responded, “Aye, it’s odd they didn’t simply add an additional advert or two and keep it going,” and Deano questioned, “What was the point of them credits?”

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