Emmerdale fans call for ‘pointless’ trio to be ‘axed’ from ITV soap

Fans of the serial soap Emmerdale want Lawrence Robb’s Mackenzie Boyd, Jessie Elland’s Chloe Harris, and their little son Reuben to disappear from the show.

Chloe made her debut two years ago, while Mack joined the town in October 2020.

One person wrote: “I think it’s safe to say that Chloe is one of the most hated (too strong?) characters in the show right now on Reddit.

“I’m not sure what she brings, personally. Amy is not needed by Kerry, and it appears that Amy is only in place to annoy Charity and serve as a breeding ground for Mack.

“No, I can’t say as I’d be sorry if Chloe, Mack, and Reuben just flew off into the distance together,” they said. But is Chloe still redeemable?

“I can’t see how Chloe can be redeemed or made interesting,” @SomerLad89 retorted. “She’s been in the show for two years now and she’s basically drifted from one irrelevant storyline to the next. Just look on social media and see how much hate she gets; it’s clear that she’s not a fan favorite.”

I don’t even hate her; I just find her obnoxious and (most importantly) meaningless, as @TheultimateHeel wrote. She has only served as a supporting character in other people’s stories ever since she arrived in the village.

She’s not the only house wrecker in the village, @bloodlines continued in support of the character. She’s better than Charity in my opinion, although right now most of the villagers are abominable. Get rid of Wendy [Posner], in my opinion.

Following their next moment where Charity Dingle and Mack share a bed, history is about to repeat itself.

How will Chloe, Mack’s partner, respond if she learns? She had been busy organizing Rueben’s christening, and the betrayal would break her heart.

Charity volunteers to hold the celebration at the Woolpack after the Christening site falls through, but soon after, Mack comes over to apologize to her.

When they both become emotional, Mack and Charity embrace passionately and decide to stay together the night.

As a result of the awkwardness they experience, Mack quickly leaves the house, leaving Charity all alone.

When he gets back to his house, Chloe tells him how appreciative she is of his efforts for the christening, which makes him feel bad about what he did.

Mack seeks guidance from his sister Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb) when he needs someone to turn to.

Will he keep his relationship with Charity a secret in light of the possibility that he might lose Reuben if Chloe learns of it? she asks.

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