Emmerdale fans call for Naomi to be axed from soap as they slam ‘dreadful’ storyline

Emmerdale viewers are furious with one ‘dreadful’ character after Nicola accuses Naomi Walters, her new employee, of assaulting her.

As she continues to come to know her father Charles Anderson and brother Ethan, both of whom she did not know existed until this year, Naomi has had quite the impact since moving to the hamlet.

She has also not had a smooth ride, as evidenced by her conflicts with Nicola and other villagers. In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap opera, Naomi reported to work at the cafe for the first time after being dropped off by Nate as their relationship continues to grow.

She quickly adjusts to her new position like a duck to water, but after she met her new coworker, Nicola, everything changed.

Nicola becomes upset as she sits down to talk since she recognizes Naomi from somewhere else. When she noticed Naomi’s gold shoes and realized they matched the shoes from her terrible gang ordeal, she was taken aback.

She recognized Naomi’s voice in addition to the shoes, and she immediately charged Naomi with assault. When Naomi returned home, she was jailed despite her denials of the accusations; at first, it appeared that Naomi’s life was over, but she was subsequently freed.

Dad Charless requested that she go to Nicola directly for an apology, but since she was so terrified, she eventually confessed to him that she had been engaged in the attack.

Although no one else in the community is aware of the reality, viewers are optimistic that Naomi’s “dreadful” character is finally over.

Naomi needs to go tonight, regardless of whether she runs away or gets arrested, according to @Maya229Tweets. Her persona is awful. The writers of #Emmerdale need to improve.

@greasley vicky the hashtag “#emmerdale” Naomi is a wooden, implausible character—please get rid of her, and while you’re at it, hire some fresh screenwriters. Enough with this nonsense.

Fantastic, lock Naomi up right now, but don’t forget to throw away the key, like @Pilch1972 wrote. #Emmerdale.” The sooner Naomi gets written out of this the better – she is a terrible character, tweeted @niallhoran. Embarrassing and unlikable #emmerdale

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