Emmerdale fans beg for ‘missing’ scenes on ITV soap after Faith and Frank fling

Fans of Emmerdale have demanded that’missing’ moments be displayed alongside Frank Tate and Faith Dingle’s recently discovered affair.

The families will undoubtedly experience “fireworks” as a result of the ITV soap opera’s revelation of a significant relationship between the Dingles and the Tates. Following the revelation that Caleb Miligan was the offspring of Faith Dingle and Frank Tate, many show viewers questioned how the couple might have met and what caused their brief romance.

We are aware that Faith gave birth to Caleb while she was incarcerated, and some viewers are confident they have figured out the circumstances that lead the two to share a bed and conceive a child.

Fans are confident that the serial alluded to the relationship in the past, as one viewer wondered: “Wait, did Faith know about Kim nonchalantly leaving Frank to die? Would definitely explain why she muttered something like, “That’s what all you Tates do,” ain’t it, and why she just happened to push her over the balcony stairs at Home Farm.

Some viewers think Faith’s remark to Kim as she was being pushed off the balcony proved she knew that Kim had left Frank to die, but fans claim there was never any other indication of that. They are calling for the’missing’ scene to be found or captured in a flashback so we can learn the truth about what actually transpired between the two.

The majority, though, are perplexed by the brief fling; one claims that a scene in which Faith and Frank discuss one another would have clarified everything.

“I don’t understand this Frank and Faith tale. Kim mentioned that he was known to engage in inappropriate behavior with workers, but wouldn’t Faith have rubbed it in Kim’s face? One wrote, “#Caleb.

“Faith and Frank Tate then,” a second said. Do you know how they met? Another pleaded for a flashback to show what had happened between Faith and Frank all those years ago.

One fan exclaimed, “Would love to see a flashback episode or merged footage!” Other fans concurred that it would be a fantastic idea.

“Emmerdale I’m quite interested in learning how Faith Dingle and Frank Tate met and how they became parents because, well, wtf?! Had Faith kept a journal? LoL,” a different user wrote on social media.

One person questioned: “How did Caleb know about Frank, Faith must have told him that they had been in contact, I am confused #Emmerdale.”

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