Emmerdale fans baffled by arrest blunder as police chase leaves them in hysterics

Following a brief altercation, Naomi Harris’ father Charles Anderson was discovered unconscious in the church, leaving Emmerdale viewers to wonder about the circumstances behind her imprisonment.

Even though Naomi, his long-lost daughter, is someone Charles desperately wants to reconnect with, she isn’t too excited about the idea.

Naomi consented to speak with Charles on Monday night’s episode, but an altercation soon broke out.

Manpreet discovered Charles asleep when she went to check out what was going on and immediately attributed his condition to Naomi.

Manpreet was pointing the finger at Naomi when policewoman Harriet arrived on the scene and swiftly made the decision to arrest Naomi.

However, when the crisis in the Dales intensified, several viewers began to question Naomi’s justification for being detained.

One user who quickly joined Twitter stated: “Stupid. You can’t just arrest Naomi because someone says to. absurdity absolute. Even though I want her to be gone.”

How the hell can you arrest her, another person questioned.

“Can she truly arrest off duty,” a third viewer asked.

Naomi attempted to flee before being taken to the police station.

But Harriet was swiftly able to catch Naomi, who could probably outpace her.

Viewers were clearly perplexed by how quickly Naomi was apprehended, as many commented on this as well.

Someone other commented with the following statement and laughing emojis: “Well Naomi that was a really good attempt to run away.”

“Naomi didn’t even try to run,” a second echoed in the background.

Later on in the show, a still-inconsolable Charles was in a terrible situation.

However, as she was speaking with Ethan, Manpreet informed him that Meena—who is currently incarcerated for murder—reminds her of Naomi’s antics.

Manpreet’s statement obviously stunned Ethan, and the comparison puzzled the audience at home.

Again on Twitter, someone said: “So Dr Manpreet hasn’t got excellent listening skills, you could hear the arguing, then Naomi departs, and then you heard the bang, so plainly his daughter hasn’t done anything, Manpreet still isn’t over Meena.”

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