Emmerdale fans baffled as they spot ‘invisible’ characters hiding out in Liv’s house

Fans of Emmerdale were perplexed when they discovered “invisible” individuals hanging out on Liv Flaherty’s third floor.

Viewers caught up with the blonde beauty’s turbulent connection with her long-lost mother Sandra during Thursday’s trip to the Dales, where Sandra is still defrauding her daughter of thousands of pounds.

When her mother feigned to be intoxicated and quietly hinted that her late father had left her a sizable sum of money in his will, the former alcoholic resolved to expose her mother’s deceit.

Liv responded, “I have this place,” to her mother’s question, “No matter what you say, we both know you aren’t happy here, so what is keeping you?”

She was persuaded to sell it by Sandra, who said, “This may be the seed money you need to start growing at last. It’s holding you back.

“You could launch a legitimate business or travel, making a name for yourself. That’s probably not going to happen right now.

At this time, Liv made the following admission: “I don’t need to sell this home to do that; I have money. My father gave me more than enough money to purchase this property, and the rent from the apartment above just keeps rising.

Her mother enquired, “How much? “, wanting to know how much her daughter had hidden away.

“I have more than I know what to do with,” Liv responded frankly.

But once Liv disclosed that she also receives money from her kind renters who live on the third floor of her expansive property, one specific point baffled ITV viewers.

After witnessing the dramatic events, fans flocked to Twitter to express their opinions about the startling news there.

“Who lives upstairs that she’s collecting rent from?” asked one commenter. Emmerdale, # As someone else observed, “Emmerdale didn’t realize Liv/place Aaron’s was three stories.

Others questioned why she continued to have a nine to five job when she had so much additional cash on hand.

A person remarked, “#Emmerdale if Liv has so much money, why does she wait tables in a café?” as another concurred, “#Emmerdale why is Liv working a s****y job if she’s affluent.”

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