Emmerdale fans ask questions after controversial character’s return

Amelia’s behavior toward a contentious character tonight left Emmerdale watchers perplexed.

Tonight, weeks after being disqualified for allegations of stalking that included placing a microphone in his ex-bedroom, girlfriend’s Noah Dingle made an appearance on television.

Gabby received a note from Noah inviting her to visit, which she promptly dumped in the trash. However, Amelia found the letter and used it as an excuse to visit Noah.

She used Gabby’s ID after realizing she required one for the visit and headed to the prison.

Noah asked for forgiveness during her time with him for the way he had treated everyone, but Amelia acknowledged it wouldn’t be that simple.

Viewers were stunned to see Noah again and learn that Amelia was even eager to talk to him after believing it was the last time they had seen him.

Twitter users expressed their bewildered fury over the situation, with one user asking: “Is this the first time Noah’s been on since he told Charity to do one?”

Why is this poor sap visiting Noah when he treated her so horribly, was another remark made.

“I thought we’d seen the last of Noah, afraid not,” a third viewer remarked.

“Amelia, Noah is in prison for doing wrong; he’s not in for being a decent lad. Why feel sorry for him?” was the final remark made.

Noah was spotted holding back tears and apologizing for his bad behavior while Amelia consoled him.

“I want to say I’m sorry,” he said. I sincerely apologize to you and to everyone else for all I’ve done.

Despite his best efforts, Noah’s actor Jack Downham told the Mirror that his character’s request for forgiveness is too little, too late.

Right now, unless he receives genuine assistance and has a number of serious chats with individuals about mindset, the way you merely think about women, and how you act around women, he doesn’t seem to have much hope of turning things around, the man stated.

I believe that his past interactions with females and how he hasn’t always behaved appropriately around them, together with his mother Charity’s extremely intriguing connections throughout his upbringing, have all had a tremendously detrimental impact on his perception of women and how he should behave around them. I believe he is completely mistaken.

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