Emmerdale fans all saying the same thing as Chas leaves Marlon’s wedding reception to be with Al

Fans of Emmerdale have all expressed their dissatisfaction with Chas Dingle for leaving Marlon’s wedding celebration to pursue a relationship with Al.

Al Chapman and Chas have been enjoying a covert relationship for some weeks.

Fans were outraged at her for slipping away from her cousin’s wedding and claimed that Paddy deserves more even though her spouse Paddy is unaware of her infidelity.

Chas snucks out of Marlon’s wedding in Emmerdale.

Paddy has been trying to support Marlon since his stroke a few months ago while still planning his stag party and assisting with the wedding.

Since learning that Faith’s cancer has recurred and is terminal, Chas has struggled.

Thursday, August 11, 2022’s program from last night featured Marlon Dingle and Rhona Goskirk’s wedding.

Paddy, who was Marlon’s best man, and his wife Chas, who is also Marlon’s cousin, were present during the wedding.

But after speaking with her mother about the care she would require, Chas became upset.

Paddy asked Chas why she was angry following the ceremony, and she responded that Faith had a meeting regarding palliative care scheduled.

She requested some alone despite his attempts to cheer her up.

She was informed by Paddy that he would get ready for his best man speech. Chas, however, ultimately missed it in order to visit Al’s home.

As Chas departs from Marlon’s wedding celebration to be with Al, fans are all saying the same thing.
Cain walked over to collect his son Kyle’s tablet when she was over there, but he missed Chas.

Chas and Al started kissing after Cain left Al’s house, and they also shared a bottle of champagne.

Later, as they hugged on the couch, Chas told Al that she wanted to stay with him.

“Say it, Chas. I know you feel it too,” Al urged. Say it.”

Before leaving, she said she wanted him and Chas attempted to go quickly.

When she got back to the bar, Paddy inquired as to why she had been gone for so long, and she pretended to have gone for a long walk.

When Paddy attempted to dance with her, she apologized for missing his speech but said she wasn’t feeling well.

Paddy gave Chas a plate of food when she was sitting outside.

Although Chas was preoccupied with Al peering out the window, Paddy told her about the speech.

Fans were upset with Chas and thought her husband Paddy deserved better when she skipped her cousin’s wedding.

OMG, for Cain to almost literally catch Chas & Al in the act is it even possible?

What do you think about the plot?

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