Emmerdale fans all have the same complaint about Cain Dingle

Fans of EMMERDALE are all fed up with Cain Dingle’s cruel treatment of Faith, a dying mother.

Despite her terminal cancer, the mechanic, who is portrayed by actor Jeff Hordley in the ITV soap, has neglected to console her or even inquire about how she is doing.

Faith underwent a scan in tonight’s episode to determine how well her life-prolonging therapy has been working.

When Faith eventually left the hospital, Cain was already there at the bar, but he didn’t bother to ask her how it went.

Instead, he simply left, leaving Faith inconsolable. She then lay down.

Chas was so enraged that she was unable to be sympathetic when Moira later returned to inquire about Faith. Instead, she told her that she detested what Cain was doing.

Moira realized she was the only one who could reach Cain after getting the shaft from Chas, so she returned home to take care of business.

She screamed at him in rage, saying, “You could have at least inquired after her and shown her that you care.

Cain, she needs you. This isn’t the time to focus on her abandoning you once more since that will take a lifetime to fix.

However, Cain must face the fact that her time on earth is almost up.

When Cain attempted to depart, Moira blocked his path and ordered him to stop and pay attention since she had finished prettifying the situation.

“I would have done anything to be with my mother when she passed away. You have a choice, so it’s not the same.

“You may support her and assist her. Don’t you dare toss that away because you might get to say goodbye.

Cain appeared to be in shock, but Emmerdale viewers are disgusted by the way he has been treating his mother.

One said: “Cain, are you still being so serious? Does he not realize that he has a limited window of opportunity to mend his relationship with Faith before it is too late? Does he truly intend to carry remorse for the rest of his life?”

Added a second: “Moira is accurate. It is a rare opportunity to be with your mother throughout her illness. Cain is an idiot. I hope he won’t look back on it.”

“Cain stop being a t***, you’ll regret it,” said another.

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