Emmerdale fans all asking the same question after Vinny and Belle team up

Once Vinny and Belle Dingle hooked up, Emmerdale fans were all left with the same question.

In an absurd effort to alleviate the financial concerns of the Dingles family, the two were thrown together.

They have been struggling because none of the family’s numerous working members had any extra money to fix the boiler while they lived rent-free in a paid-for cottage.

They have been taking showers in the restrooms of friends and family.

But, it’s odd that they didn’t use Vinny’s house.

Moreover, this week when their oil tank ran out, Liv and Vinny had to work together to steal some from Eric Pollard.

Yet there is just one major query on supporters’ lips: why?

After all, Vinny received his late wife Liv’s estate, which included two cottages that were fully paid for, one that was rented out, and a company in the form of the scrapyard.

Emmerdale fans have a big question about Vinny

But now he is shivering in the Wishing Well hut with the other Dingles.

Fans are now clamoring to know why.

“I thought Liv left Vinny everything,” one person remarked. Why is he unable to pay for the oil?

“Doesn’t Vinny have all of Liv’s money now,” a second remarked.

Another questioned why Vinny couldn’t purchase the oil, asking: “Has Vinny moved into Zak’s believed he had Liv’s money?”

Another person questioned, “Why they all going broke when Vinny is flush?”

They all work, so why don’t they have money? said a fifth.

The executive producer of Emmerdale, Jane Hudson, has hinted that Belle will soon find love once more.

We have some summertime love for Belle, Hudson said to Loose Women.

“Yes, that is going to happen, but you’ll need to wait and watch what happens. The love of Belle’s life will at last come to her.

Don’t say “aw” too quickly, though, as Hudson admonished: “You never know what can happen! But that might be the most ideal union we’ve ever witnessed.

Also, Jane rejected everyone who suggested Jacob as a suitable mate.

“She’s not going to find love with Jacob, but she will find love,” she remarked.

maybe with Vinny?

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