Emmerdale fan ‘works out’ Nicky’s mum’s identity with ‘twin’ link to village in huge twist

A fan of Emmerdale has come up with a crazy notion regarding Nicky’s parentage.

Caleb is actually Nicky’s father, and his mother’s identity is now unclear, according to a recent revelation. Now that it has been established that Frank Tate is in fact Caleb’s father, we know that Caleb and Nicky are related to the Tates.

In order to protect Home Farm for him, his kid, and Nicky’s mother, Caleb has now made it his mission to bring Kim Tate to justice. The family is truly having financial difficulties, and as a result, Nicky’s mother may become homeless.

One soap opera viewer recently offered a crazy notion about the potential that Nicky’s mother, Kerry, is actually the one who gave birth to her daughter Amy, and that Nicky and Amy may possibly be twins.

One supporter tweeted the following ideas: “Do any of you believe that Amy and Nicky are twins, that Caleb and Kerry once dated, and that Nicky’s mother is actually his stepmother? Emmerdale, a.k.a.”

The original poster suggested that it would make sense considering that Kerry is now absent from the village as a result of the passing of her partner Al when another viewer questioned why they believed so.

In reality, Kerry is gone visiting the village to coincide with Laura Norton’s pregnancy leave.

The actor who plays Nicky said he had merely come as a nanny at first, but his relationship with Caleb was soon made clear.

I believed I was going to be Gabby’s love interest, but as the show went on and I got the scripts, things started to come out for me. It was a pleasant surprise because I wasn’t planning anything ahead of time; I could just look at the script and make it work, he added.

It could be a bit of a strain for them both because there is a foot in both families, said William Ash, who plays Caleb. That method of determining how much disruption these people can cause is pretty brilliant.

“The conflict between the Tates and the Dingles has always existed, but it will now intensify significantly. There are many fireworks waiting to go off because what Caleb and Nicky are attempting to do is really significant.”

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