Emmerdale fan theory: Tom King to abuse Belle?

In this week’s episode of Emmerdale, Belle is concerned about Tom after learning that he has been hiding a significant secret from her.

When Tom learns that Belle is aware of his mother’s passing despite his failure to inform her, he becomes more wary.

A fresh Emmerdale fan theory contends that Tom and Belle’s union will deteriorate into domestic violence.

Emmerdale: Belle and Tom took the next step

Belle recently developed resentment in Emmerdale after observing a bond emerge between Tom and Dawn.

Tom made up a double date with Dawn and Billy in an effort to atone for his actions, making it plain that he only had eyes for Belle.

Tom was called out on a vet job during the double date, though, and he was shortly confronted by some goons.

He was then attacked, but he didn’t like Belle getting in the way and calling the police, even though they had stolen his car.

Belle was not pleased when Tom suggested leaving Rishi’s old home and possibly leaving the village.

Tom and Belle then decided to take their love to the next level by finding a home and moving in together properly so that they could spend more time together.

Then, Belle and Tom began their new life together in Dan and Amelia’s old home.

Emmerdale fan theory: Tom King to abuse Belle?

A fresh fan idea about Tom possibly becoming abusive towards Belle has been started by a few Emmerdale viewers.

They have seen that despite Belle just having Tom’s best interests in mind, Tom has been acting strangely and has been quick to lash out at her.

He’s started to dominate the relationship by withholding important information from Belle and behaving cruelly towards her.

One admirer commented that “Belle and Tom’s relationship doesn’t look like it’s heading down a nice path.”

Adding to the theory, a another admirer pondered: “I wonder if Tom and Belle’s relationship will turn abusive.”

A third fan responded to this notion by asking, “I wonder if they are going to tease that he might be like Carl?”

Emmerdale: Will Tom abuse Belle?

There is no denying the poor treatment of women by Tom’s late father, Carl King (ask Chas!).

But may Tom be adopting his father’s traits? Could he soon begin behaving poorly towards his girlfriend? Will he become violent?

Is Tom’s behaviour just going to deteriorate now that he shares a home with Belle?

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