Emmerdale family ripped apart after Mackenzie Boyd’s baby bombshell

Chloe Harris, portrayed by Jessie Elland, was saddened in recent Emmerdale scenes when the doctors advised her to expect the worst when baby Reuben was rushed to the hospital.

When Mackenzie attempted to visit his son at the hospital, the young mother also told him to leave.

She informed Mack that he couldn’t be the father of their son because Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) would become suspicious.

The truth will eventually be revealed, shocking the town, according to ITV’s official spoilers.

Charity arrives at the hospital where Mack is visiting Reuben when she sees her husband holding Reuben in his arms.

The revelation utterly breaks the tavern owner’s heart as soon as he puts two and two together.

As soon as word gets around the community, Mack confesses everything to his sister Moira (Natalie J. Robb).

Additionally, Chloe tells her sister Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson), who is mortified.

The revelation of Mack’s months of lying by Moira makes him feel humiliated, but her words eventually inspire him to make amends with Charity.

Amy can’t believe what Chloe has done as she tells Amy that Mack is Reuben’s father when she arrives at the hospital to cradle Reuben.

Therefore, the pair’s confession can wind up tearing up more than one family.

Can Moira and Amy overlook their sibling’s fabrications?

The Charity actress recently talked about the landlady’s response to the surprise about the baby in an interview.

She made fun of Charity’s potential desire to exact revenge on her husband and Chloe.

The actress said in a statement to the press: “The revelation is really startling. Is she going to exact revenge because of how she is?

She continued, “There has to be some measure of vengeance. But with Charity, a lot of it takes the shape of humor because she uses absurd remarks to attempt to hide the real anguish.

“I believe she struggles so much with trust because of what she went through as a youngster.

And once more, I believe that will be made worse by the fact that she adopted Chloe and feels as though she sees a reflection of herself in this young, pregnant teen girl.

“So I think she’ll be like, ‘Why did nobody tell me?'” she continued.

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