Emmerdale Faith’s health deteriorates as fans say they ‘don’t want her to go’

Next her terminal cancer diagnosis, Faith Dingle’s health takes a turn for the worse in Emmerdale the following week, and her supporters declare that they “don’t want Faith to leave.”

Recently, the beloved character Faith learned that her disease had spread, and subsequent episodes will feature her receiving palliative care.

The episode showed Faith talking to daughter Chas about her forthcoming appointments before her health took a turn for the worse at the wedding reception. Marlon and Rhona’s wedding is scheduled to air on August 11, 2022.

Faith is seated at the Woolpack pub’s bar when her vision suddenly turns hazy, a sign that her health is failing.

In a heartbreaking and emotional moment between the two, she invites son Cain for a dance while concealing her true feelings from her friends.

Since Faith’s cancer diagnosis earlier this year, fans have praised Sally Dexter’s portrayal on social media and expressed their desire to keep the character on the soap opera.

One supporter commented after Cain and Chas learned that Faith had cancer: “Excellent performance by @HordleyJeff and @SallyDexterUK. Want Faith to stay.”

Added by a second “Poor Faith is trying to present a strong front regarding the cancer to everyone, but she is truly very heartbroken/terrified about leaving her kids and family. Nevertheless, she wants to make the most of the time she has left. Actress #SallyDexter is outstanding.”

“A third person said, “Gonna miss her when she leaves,” and a fourth added, “I’ll relax when I’m dead.” Faith is going to be missed when she leaves.”

Another admirer wrote, “I didn’t anticipate Faith’s disease to advance this soon,” followed by crying emojis, in response to the news that Faith’s cancer had spread.

A sixth person said, “Trying not to cry, but it’s hard.

The character’s time in the dales may soon be coming to an end, leaving her family, friends, and viewers inconsolable. Faith actress Sally Dexter recently confirmed in interviews that the character may not survive the cancer.

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