Emmerdale exits and returns 2023: Who’s leaving as star quits ITV soap after 17 years

After a year of departures, Emmerdale will screen more exit twists in the coming weeks and months. At some point, there will also be some returns.

According to rumors, David Metcalfe will leave the town soon after playing the part for 17 years due to actor Matthew Wolfenden’s rumored departure from the part. He may be murdered off, as writers prepare for his sweeping departure from the program, it has been hinted.

Actor Matthew hasn’t formally confirmed the exit, and Emmerdale hasn’t made an official announcement either. Not just David, but other cast members are also planning to leave the ITV serial opera a few weeks after a shocking death was revealed.

Here, we examine the rumored and verified departures as well as potential comebacks scheduled to air in 2023.

Who’s leaving Emmerdale, and who’s already left this year?

It is unknown when David Metcalfe will leave, although it might be in the coming weeks or months. Nevertheless, given that it was just disclosed, there is a good probability David will continue to appear on television till 2024. Dan Spencer, who received an eight-year prison term for manslaughter, has exited the program.

Although an exit had been hinted at for weeks, it wasn’t until recently that actor Liam Fox announced his departure from the series after 12 years in the part.

His departure occurred only a few weeks after the show’s sad departure of Rishi Sharma, who passed away unexpectedly.

After 12 years on the program, writers eliminated the role of Rishi, actor Bhasker Patel confirmed. Another significant departure is rumored to occur this season with Samantha Giles leaving her position as Bernice Blackstock once more. Her exit plan and time have not yet been made official.

After revelations revealed that Chloe Harris’ partner Mack Boyd has an affair with Charity Dingle, viewers are also wondering whether Chloe Harris and her young son Reuben would quit the show.

Could fans be correct that Chloe fled? Charity and Mack are connected to the impending stunt week in October, so it’s possible that all may come out later this year.

There have been several exits this year, but none have been officially published as of yet. If someone passes away during stunt week, there may be more exits to come. This year, the village has lost Naomi Walters, Marshall Hamston, Marcus Dean, Priya Sharma, and Amba Metcalfe. Cathy Hope also spent some time away from the community. Currently absent from the community are Gabby Thomas and her son Thomas Tate.

Who’s returning to Emmerdale in 2023?

Vanessa Woodfield has been absent from the community since last year, but it is anticipated that her on-screen counterpart, played by actress Michelle Hardwick, will return before the year is up. Earlier this year, Michelle, who has been on maternity leave, hinted that she would make a comeback in 2023.

Since these departures are just temporary, Gabby Thomas, her son Thomas, and it’s expected that Cathy Hope will all return at some point as well. Laura Norton, another actress who has recently appeared in cameos, is expected to make a comeback at some point.

Late last year, Laura left on maternity leave, and her character Kerry left after her partner Al Chapman passed away.

Kerry recently made a video call appearance on the soap opera during Dan’s farewell episode. In April, she made a video call appearance with her daughter Chloe. In case Laura doesn’t make a comeback this year, fans can expect to see her back on screen in 2024.

New arrivals

For a recent storyline involving Caleb Miligan and Nate Robinson, viewers warmly welcomed newcomers Corey and Harry to the show. They won’t be on the program for very long, but they’re going to cause havoc for the Dingles. Unbeknownst to Jai Sharma until recently, his father Rishi was not his biological father.

Jai and his cousin Suni, who recently moved to the village, are half-brothers because Suni’s biological father is Jai’s uncle. Could the tale include the father of Jai and Suni visiting the village? Nicky Miligan, Caleb’s wife and the mother of his son, is a further unexplored character.

Although it appears that there are no plans to introduce her to the show, fans have been clamoring for her identity to be made public. Could Caleb’s other children, who may or may not be present as well, make an appearance as well?

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