Emmerdale exit for Nate as fans ‘work out’ heartbreaking health diagnosis

Nate Robinson from Emmerdale, played by Jurell Carter, has recently had less screen time in the ITV serial opera. Fans noticed that he was wearing a sling and that he appeared to be suffering during the current hour-long episode. In addition, he disturbed Naomi (Karene Peters), his girlfriend, by falling asleep during their date.

When they were supposed to be leaving, Nate disappointed Naomi by falling asleep.

Nate, you should be prepared by now, Naomi questioned.

Seriously, he questioned. I must have dozed off, I’m sorry.

Naomi yelled, “Go get showered, change, put on some lovely fragrances so we can get out of here,” obviously annoyed with Nate’s exhaustion.

You still want to leave, Nate hissed as he questioned?

Nate remarked, “We could always cuddle up on the sofa, watch some comfortable TV, and get takeaway,” as Naomi claimed she still wanted to go on their date.

Noami retaliated, “As we do every night.” Also, you’ll simply wind up nodding off while watching Murder She Wrote.

He responded, “I’m weary and my arm still hurts,” Naomi said, “It becomes lonely being your girlfriend.”

After the program, many expressed their worries about Nate on social media.

After receiving a sad health diagnosis, may the villager decide to leave the Dales?

Why the farmer slept constantly and appeared exhausted was a common query.

Writing to Sacha “Nate seems to be in good condition, despite his excessive slumber! #emmerdale.”

“How did Nate fare? @emmerdale in #Emmerdale “Liz queried.

“Oh Nate is weary he’s napping for England #Emmerdale,” wrote Ryan Glendenning.

Did we learn why Nate had his arm in a sling, or is it just a ruse to give him a reason to sidestep Naomi’s demands? Joked @fussyMcWhiskers.

Question from Alex Davenport: “Why is Nate’s (or the actor’s) arm damaged? #emmerdale.”

Jayne M continued by stating: “Sam was stabbed in the shoulder, but he appears unharmed. Nate, though, is still having difficulty.”

Some fans believe Nate and Naomi should call it quits.

The user @VampLover27 wrote, “Nate really telling Naomi how he thinks about her, be the dumpee rather than the dumper #Emmerdale.”

What Michelle Jones foresaw: “Naomi and Nate don’t go together. She was capable of more. #Emmerdale.”

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