Emmerdale exit for Marshall Hamston leaves Arthur Thomas heartbroken

Marshall Hamston from Emmerdale bids the community farewell the following week after splitting up with Arthur Thomas.

After previous arguments between them, Marshall shocks Arthur by suggesting that they should end their relationship.

The student has been residing at Mulberry Cottage in recent months after Arthur’s mother Laurel assisted him in fleeing a painful situation at home with his homophobic father, Colin.

Marshall will praise Laurel for everything she has done for him in the scenes that will air next week.

After giving Arthur a tearful farewell embrace, he departs to go home with his aunt.

As Arthur tears in her arms about losing his first love, Laurel is devastated for him.

The situation is made worse for Arthur by his sister Gabby’s self-centered response, as she moans about her own life rather than expressing care.

When Marshall first joined Emmerdale in January, Arthur, who had recently come out as gay, was the target of a terrible joke.

Later episodes revealed that Marshall had true affections for Arthur and that he had begun to accept his own sexuality.

The executive producer of Emmerdale, Jane Hudson, made a suggestion earlier this year that Arthur’s relationship with Marshall would not last long.

On ITV1’s Loose Women, Hudson said: “I’m very pleased of Alfie [Clarke], who plays Arthur. It’s been such a great narrative. He did it so masterfully.

It’s not only a tale of a gay man coming out. It is a tale of adolescent love and angst. We can all recall our initial breakup and the feeling of “Oh, I’m never going to find love again! “, I believe.

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