Emmerdale Eric Pollard death fears as he suffers accident during Sam stealing chaos

The following week, when Sam Dingle puts Eric Pollard in danger, events in Emmerdale take an unexpected turn.

Samson is being pushed to his breaking point, and Emmerdale spoilers indicate that he will continue to stir strife between Noah and Amelia.

Dan suffers with his inability to provide for his family, and Noah is shocked to learn that he has lost his apprenticeship now that Marcus has left the community.

Amelia scrambles to find someone to watch baby Esther when Noah hurries off to see a prospective new employer later.

However, Noah is shocked to learn that Samson has been caring for Esther while he was away and is still dubious of his cousin’s genuine motivations.

Sam, meantime, wishes he could do more monetarily to assist out since he wants to provide for his granddaughter.

Samson plays with Noah in an effort to win Amelia’s approval.

When Samson tricks Noah into accepting a reward from his trust money in exchange for staying away from Esther, Noah is soon completely off-balance.

Samson was taken aback by Noah’s readiness and delighted when Noah agreed to a payout.

Then he makes him an offer of $2000 to keep him away from Esther and Amelia.

Sam later suggests to Cain that Dan get a pay raise to help pay for Esther, but Cain is apprehensive and opposes the notion.

When Cain advises that Sam must think creatively because he is a Dingle, Sam ponders in serious thought.

Sam tries to divert Pollard as the latter collects baby supplies for Esther elsewhere at the store, but a suspicious Pollard confronts him.

He hastily leaves the area out of fear of being discovered.

While pursuing Sam who is running away on Main Street, Pollard trips and suffers a head injury.

Sam is concerned about what he has done as he stares down in fear at an unconscious Pollard.

How will Eric fare?

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