Emmerdale, EastEnders and Corrie spoilers guide amid huge return and cheating scandal

The soaps will all air major scenes next week, with certain days containing must-see moments from Emmerdale, EastEnders, and Coronation Street.

A new love triangle and a cheating crisis are brewing on Emmerdale, while other locals clash. On EastEnders, a well-known character returns to Walford, paving the way for two more appearances later on.

On Corrie, one character deteriorates while another lashes out due to their steroid addiction. You can see what will happen on each of the three soaps this week, day by day, so you know precisely what is happening on and when.

So, whether it’s a scary turn of events in Weatherfield, EastEnders shocks, or awkward scenes to air on Emmerdale, we’ve got you covered with this daily spoiler guide…

Coronation Street

Monday 8pm

Cassie gets attacked by her drug dealer Dean because she owes him money, prompting Micheal to try to assist her. Todd considers changing careers, while Ryan receives some intriguing online communications. Paul has problems with his right leg, so Billy suggests he utilize a wheelchair.

Wednesday 8pm

As a subscriber makes a request, Ryan has a money-making scheme that could backfire. Billy gives Paul an engagement ring, and he is then surprised with a birthday celebration.

But after a mishap, he concedes that a stairlift could be necessary. Tyrone presents Cassie to Kevin and Abi, George makes it apparent to Todd that their professional relationship is finished, and Ronnie is keeping something from Ronnie.

Friday 8pm

Billy and Paul dispute, which causes Paul to become drunk before Pride. He ultimately shows up and is overcome by how supportive everyone is of him. Ryan snaps at Carla, George and Todd maintain their façade, and Stephen has a proposition for Jenny.


Monday 7:30pm

Marlon and Paddy argue while Mary keeps lying to her loved ones. Reuben’s godparents are chosen by Chloe and Mack, while Lydia seizes a significant opportunity at the risk of offending Sam.

Tuesday 7:30pm

Rhonas is under pressure, while Chloe extends an olive branch to love rival Chloe, only to be scoffed at. Craig intimidates Sam, and Victor has a guest.

Wednesday 7:30pm

Mackenzie and Charity share a passionate moment. Rhona snaps, while Craig has a chance with an awed Samson. Charles is concerned about Victor’s actions.

Thursday 7:30pm

The christening begins, but will Mack be revealed? Mary, Marlon, and Paddy are preparing to confront their concerns. Charles confides in Manpreet, and Jai makes an important discovery.

Friday 7:30pm

As Claudette lays forth her plans, Charles is underwhelmed. Wendy is concerned about Bob’s health, while Jai makes a plea to Manpreet. Nicola and Bernice square off.


Monday 7:30pm

Phil tries to persuade Alfie to open up before his MRI. Suki discovers Eve sleeping rough in the Square, prompting a trip to the police station. Eve meets with Caz, leaving Theo enraged. Anna finally tells George, Gina, and Elaine that she has her mother’s phone number, and she quickly leaves a message for Cindy. Bobby approaches Peter.

Tuesday 7:30pm

Caz is shaken after meeting Eve, and Theo advises her to call the cops. Anna writes a nasty note to Cindy, but it is intercepted by Peter, who makes an important discovery. Peter returns to Walford, but Yolande conceals something, resulting in a surprise visit.

Wednesday 7:30pm

Peter makes Stacey’s frightened state worse. Peter is concerned about Anna and Bobby’s relationship, and Anton gives Yolande a deadline.

Thursday 7:30pm

While Cindy is panicking in France after learning that her kid is back in Walford, Peter is filled with regret. While Billy and Honey nervously await Janet’s GCSE results, Alfie praises Phil for his support.

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