Emmerdale, EastEnders and Corrie episode guide as show-changing secrets exposed

We have you covered with this daily spoiler guide, so whether it’s the violent turn of events planned for EastEnders, the most recent on Corrie, or the shocking revelations set to appear on Emmerdale.


Monday 8pm

Stu is found unconscious and taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Ryan seeks to disprove Debbie’s fabrications.

Daisy says something that makes Jenny feel threatened, and Toyah and Spider become more intimate.

Wednesday 8pm

After a confrontation with Yasmeen, Stu is taken into custody, while Ryan, who admitted guilt to the robbery, is waiting to be sentenced.

Sean gets to know the newcomer Laurence while Audrey remains in denial and Toyah attacks Spider.

Friday 8pm

While things get hotter between Spider and Toyah, his secret might be revealed.

Stephen worries about Audrey and anticipates being confronted about his lies as well. Craig has irritated Faye.


Monday 7:30pm

Online dating for Gabby results in Kit’s identity being revealed. As Leyla leaves the hospital, she becomes terrified.

Casey and Suzy confront Callum.

Tuesday 7:30pm

While Gabby is unaware that her stepmother is also seeing him and that he is actually Kit, she tries to keep “Chris” from Laurel.

Leyla’s overdose is brought up by Jacob to her.

Wednesday 7:30pm

When Marlon falls at his stag party and is brought to the hospital, there is panic as he discovers he must spend the night there.

Just as Laurel enters, Gabby and Kit begin to act sensually. Vanessa makes contact with Suzy.

Thursday 7:30pm (hour long)

As the wedding day approaches, Rhona is unaware of Marlon’s hurried trip to the hospital. Later, Paddy arrives just in time to hurl a determined Marlon into the church.

Priya proudly displays her scars at the wedding celebration.

Friday 7:30pm

Manpreet overhears Marcus on the phone discussing the meeting between Naomi and Ethan, and it appears that he is trying to hide something.


Monday 7:30pm

Suki finds herself in a precarious situation and subsequently tries to influence Sharon.

With the kids, Stacey, Kheerat, and Martin depart on vacation.

Tuesday 7:30pm

When Ranveer learns what Suki has done, he is incensed, and a fight ensues. Suki hits Ranveer in the head as he is overpowered by her.

Martin and Kheerat argue and end up competing elsewhere, which annoys Stacey. When they discover Jean, they are shortly in for a surprise.

Wednesday 7:30pm

Jean is persuaded by Kheerat to speak with Stacey, but he is halted in his tracks when he overhears Suki’s distraught voicemail.

Jean explains that she has been staying with her as Mo returns. Jean swears she will never go back to Walford.

When Ravi gets to Suki’s, he discovers Ranveer’s dead body. After Denzel and Nugget’s acts, Chelsea discovers an emotional Amy.

Thursday 7:30pm

Kheerat requests that his siblings call Suki. Stacey keeps working to return Jean home.

Amy is aided by Denise and Chelsea. Dana and Bobby have a drink together.

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