Emmerdale, EastEnders and Corrie episode guide as huge changes rock the soaps

Every episode of Emmerdale, Coronation Street, and EastEnders is scheduled to air this week.

On all three programs, there are pivotal times when various characters assume the lead.

There are numerous questions to be answered, ranging from one character’s unexpected reappearance to another soap opera favorite being questioned about their health.

This week’s schedule for all three soap operas is provided here, so you can see exactly what will happen when.

Therefore, we have you covered with this daily spoiler guide, whether it’s the horrific turn of events planned for Walford, the most recent on Corrie, or the unexpected scenes to appear on Emmerdale.


Monday 8pm

When Stu gets to Bridget’s house and knocks on the door, she becomes alarmed and tells him to leave.

Jack fights with Kevin and says he’s not eagerly anticipating Abi’s return. Finally, Phill presents the completed annulment form to Fiz.

When Hope opens her tablet, she discovers several messages from a gamer by the name of Mad Dog.

While visiting Audrey and gently questioning her about her health, the hospital psychiatry liaison officer also lets slip to Sarah that he saw Audrey at the hospital.

Wednesday 8pm

When Kevin loses his cool, he starts wrecking Stephen’s automobile with a wrench.

a worried Beginning her shift at the plant, Summer learns something about Aaron. In regards to the salon, Audrey makes a choice.

Debbie acknowledges that she is having trouble finding the money to pay Ed’s compensation.

Friday 8pm

The police show up in search of Kevin. Aaron is pushed away by Summer, and Sally is worn out from putting up with Tim’s tossing and turning for yet another night.

When Debbie overhears Ryan telling the psychic that he is broke and in debt up to his ears, she comes up with a scheme.


Monday 7:30pm

Dan confronts Kim, but he is quickly taken aback when he discovers Amelia pretended to be Gabby in order to see Noah.

Dan and Amelia are given a place to reside by Harriet. Sandra is monitored by Mandy.

Jai is made to feel uncomfortable as Vanessa tries to hide her sorrow.

Tuesday 7:30pm

Charity is shocked to find that Amelia has been seeing Noah, but she is even more shocked to learn that he is going to be released.

Upon his return, Noah avoids his mother. Sandra goes after Rishi, and Gabby mulls starting over with a man.

Wednesday 7:30pm

While Sandra has Rishi exactly where she wants him, Rishi drowns his sorrows.

Thursday 7:30pm (hour long)

Chas is delighted to hear from Al. Kerry is now skeptic.

Kim’s wedding will be the event of the decade, Lydia promises. In the salon, Sandra discovers a concealed camera.

Friday 7:30pm

Chas worries that her illicit relationship will be discovered, and Noah frets about readjusting to village life.


Monday 7:30pm

As Phil begins to interrogate him, Sam is surprised, and Ben is taken aback.

When Tommy discovers Ben doing drugs, he implores him to stop. Vinny is curious about Ash’s distressing phone call.

Suki welcomes Eve to her house and gives her a kiss. the drunk Jay poses as Lola’s romantic partner.

Tuesday 7:30pm

Suki brings Ash to a journalist, but when she drops a bombshell, they are both taken aback.

Ben’s quiet is won by Sam. Jay’s drunken antics are laughed off by Lola and Jay, and Zack finds out that Rocky is trying to sell his old automobile.

Wednesday 7:30pm

Zack assaults Ben, and Lexi notices a dispute between Jay and Honey and informs Will that Jay is having an extramarital affair with Lola.

Stuart cautions Karen, and when Lily and Stacey throw a pre-wedding party, Kat is moved.

Thursday 7:30pm

The fight at Peggy’s has left everyone in shock. Ben keeps using drugs and drinking.

Ranveer’s efforts on Suki go unnoticed, and Karen urges Callum to support Stuart.

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