Emmerdale double death sealed as Caleb and Nicky receive chilling threat from unlikely resident

Many Emmerdale residents were angered by Caleb Milligan and his son Nicky’s falsehoods, but Gabby Thomas is refusing to forgive and forget them as the community eventually allows them to rebuild their lives.

Throughout their fake romance, Nicky deceived Gabby, keeping a hidden lover from the Dale’s from her.

In an effort to get revenge on Kim Tate, Caleb made his son lie for him, but Gabby is now incensed by Kim Tate’s response to Nicky’s disclosure of his true identity.

Gabby admitted to her mother on Friday that she believed Kim and Will had betrayed her by allowing Will to stay at Home Farm, but she cheered up after setting up a date on a dating app.

Kim promptly reminded Gabby that the Tate matriarch owned Home Farm when she confronted her, but the single mother’s day got even worse when she was stood up.

When Gabby saw Nicky having a drink with newcomer Suni Sharma, her pain was only intensified.

Gabby retaliated angrily, saying, “It wasn’t enough for you to make a complete fool out of me, Nicky. You had to use this whole Clemmie charade to demonstrate to me how useful you are.

For the benefit of the entire pub, Gabby proclaimed, “This man is a conman and a thief, and so is his dad.”

Later, when Gabby ran across Caleb in the village, she started her tirade.

Scheming Gabby rejected Caleb’s attempts to make amends and interrupted him as he tried to defend Nicky’s behaviour.

Caleb, keep this in mind, she said. “Your huge plan—to seize what Kim has—took two of you and still managed to fail utterly. I’ve already accomplished a big portion of that on my own.

“Earlier, my mother expressed regret that I had ever met Nicky. When I’m done with you two, you two will feel the same way about me, Gabby continued.

Following the horrific disclosure of his revenge plan and being shoved down a cliff, Caleb has already come dangerously close to dying.

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