Emmerdale: Does Marlon die after being rushed to hospital?

Marlon Dingle was brought to the hospital during tonight’s episode of Emmerdale after experiencing a shocking setback, but will he survive?

The rest of the week’s Emmerdale spoilers are revealed. Will Marlon be well despite his health crisis, which puts his wedding to Rhona in jeopardy?

Marlon falls at his stag do

Marlon attended a last-minute stag party that his closest friends and family organized at his house tonight (Wednesday, August 10).

Marlon made an attempt to stand after gaining the strength over the previous four weeks, something he has been working on since since his stroke.

His feet gave way as he attempted to rise up, causing him to stumble.

To be safe, Paddy suggested that his best pal visit the hospital for a checkup.

Paddy claimed that Marlon may have suffered another stroke, and Marlon resisted.

As long as there was no ambulance, the chef agreed.

Additionally, Rhona was to be kept in the dark about the incident in order to avoid ruining tomorrow’s wedding.

What happened to Marlon at the hospital?

Marlon’s odds of having the ideal wedding day are not looking too good after checking into the hospital.

Much to his dismay, the doctor informed him that he would need to remain the night.

The doctor informed him, “The scan results reveal you haven’t had a second stroke.” She broke the news to him, though, that he couldn’t return home.

“We’re going to keep you in tonight simply to monitor things,” the doctor said, “even though the tests showed you haven’t had a second stroke.

Despite Paddy’s explanation that the wedding is tomorrow, the doctor was adamant that they postpone the special day.

We can’t risk you suffering another stroke, therefore it’s best to keep you under observation for the time being.

You heard what she said, Paddy firmly informed Marlon as he begged him.

“You are taking a huge risk by leaving. Your funeral may take place on that day rather than your wedding.”

Does Marlon die in Emmerdale?

While it’s touch and go, according to Emmerdale spoilers coming later this week, Marlon will make it to his wedding. This implies that he will also live.

Marlon neglects to inform his fiance about his condition, despite the fact that the doctor still won’t release him on the morning of the wedding.

Mary, Vanessa and Rhona’s mother, prevents the bride from entering the church.

Rhona is delayed as much as possible by Vanessa, but the bride begins to feel that something is amiss.

How is Marlon doing?

Although she is privately aware that the groom might not show there, Vanessa reassures her buddy that everything will be okay.

Together, Paddy and Marlon make an effort to be at the chapel in time.

Will they arrive in time?

Marlon and Rhona make it official!

Paddy and Marlon enter just as Rhona realizes something is seriously wrong.

As the bride and groom exchange vows, it is a touching time. They are joyfully beaming.

Priya honors her word, donning a skimpy dress and embracing her scars as Paddy delivers his statement.

Finally, it’s a great day for everyone.

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