Emmerdale DNA twist as fans ‘work out’ father of Charity’s baby in Jamie Tate return plot

Emmerdale viewers have been left wondering whether Jamie Tate is still alive or not after he vanished from the village last year.

Kim Tate, Jamie’s mother, may not have agreed with his behavior, but she has continued to hold out hope that he is still alive.

It won’t be long before he returns to the ITV soap, and viewers have proposed a theory connecting the antagonist to Charity Dingle.

Charity became involved in additional drama in scenes that were broadcast earlier this week when she learned that Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) was expecting a child.

Amelia was forced to acknowledge Noah (Jack Downham), Charity’s son, was the father after running into the 15-year-old at the doctor.

Charity is terrified but decides to do the right thing by going to the doctor with Amelia so she can consider her options.

Amelia failed to mention how far along in her pregnancy she was after expressing the favorite of Dingle that she “wanted her life back.”

Charity attempted to explain to Amelia that if she decided to end the pregnancy, she would need to go through a surgery as they waited in front of the doctor.

Amelia froze and said she could feel “wings flapping” in her stomach when they sat back at Charity’s home.

As the teen started to feel her baby move, she was left speechless.

Amelia swiftly left, though, as soon as Charity’s boyfriend Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) arrived home.

Charity got a call from the doctor as Mackenzie went to get the couple takeout.

At that point, viewers realized Charity was herself pregnant and had gone to the doctor to undergo an abortion.

Charity sobbed to the doctor, “I was going to undergo an abortion today.

“Yes, making another reservation would be a smart idea.”

However, as people followed the exciting events, they developed their own hypotheses regarding the identity of Charity’s baby’s father.

Many people don’t think Mackenzie is the father, and in an odd twist, some others suspect Jamie Tate might actually be the father and will soon return to the hamlet.

Taking to social media, Twitter-user Dragon predicted: “#Emmerdale I believe Jamie is the biological father of Charity’s child!”

Tina postulated: “#Emmerdale As a unique twist for the Christmas episodes, it’s possibly Jamie’s child!”

Added Todd “To add to the mix, Charity has a new baby father. #Emmerdale.”

“Is anyone else as eager to learn who the father is as I am? Charity #Emmerdale, Amelia “In a tweet, Brandon

Others believe the villain will return to the community for his mother’s wedding.

Said Sophie: “I’m suing if Jamie doesn’t attend this wedding. funny #emmerdale” (sic)

“Jamie has to return for the anniversary #Emmerdale,” Ryan tweeted.

“When on earth is #Jamie going to make another appearance? We know he’s alive,” Irene wrote.

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