Emmerdale death for Andrea Tate ‘sealed’ as Manpreet actress drops huge clue?

Andrea Tate of Emmerdale may be departing the hamlet in a corpse bag, according to Manpreet Sharma actor Rebecca Sarker, who indicated that her character and ex-lover Charles Anderson have a future together.

Rebecca Sarker of Emmerdale and Kevin Mathurin of Charles Anderson joined the Loose Women panel on Wednesday afternoon to talk about ITV’s Super Soap Week.

After Charles and Manpreet were spotted tumbling into the rapids, Christine Lampard, Coleen Nolan, Janet Street-Porter, and Linda Robson were all keen to find out what happened to their characters.

Rebecca teased Charles and Manpreet’s future together, implying that Andrea (played by Anna Nightingale) may face heartbreak or death.

“I was watching it last night in the hotel, and honestly, I don’t think I took a breath for at least half an hour,” Coleen said after introducing the two to the show.

“I couldn’t breathe watching that; could you offer us any hints as to what would happen next?”

“Well, you’ve certainly seen Manpreet and Charles drag themselves out of the rapids,” Rebecca said with a smile.

Their journey continues, and there’s a lot of chemistry between Manpreet and Charles, to say the least.

“So, as far as I’m concerned, as far as Kevin and I are concerned, I believe our small story will continue with great zeal and poignancy.”

“There’s more danger in terms of, I think one little snippet I can tell you is that Charles has spotted quite a gash in his leg,” says the narrator.

“Let’s just say that proves to be no minor injury,” she said.

Could Andrea’s death be sealed by Rebecca’s tease of Manpreet and Charles’ future?

Manpreet could be the shoulder for Charles to grieve on if Andrea dies.

Fans are aware that the vicar is torn between his affections for Manpreet and his desire to move on with Andrea.

With Andrea out of the way and Manpreet now unmarried, Charles could be able to rekindle his romance with an old flame.

Christine said, “Oh dear, we can read between the lines!” as the ladies in the studio seemed to like Rebecca’s teasing.

“Can I just ask you, does killing Meena have her comeuppance?” Linda also questioned Kevin.

“I’m not sure, I’m not sure I can answer that,” she says, “but the payout will be incredible!” Kevin revealed his identity.

Rebecca discussed the upheaval that fans have already witnessed, as well as the characters’ next week.

“There are so many little mini-dramas in the plot,” she teased, “and they all sort of culminate in, not one calamity, but another and another.”

“It’s just that the danger is compounded over the course of the week, which is what makes it so thrilling.”

“As I mentioned, the tiny dramas, these little stories going along with the people and their interactions with one another,” Rebecca added.

“We did have stunt doubles, especially from when the rope bridge broke,” Kevin said of the stunts they have to undertake.

It was a 60-foot drop into the sea, and we had an incredible stunt team who pre-tested the maneuvers to ensure that they were safe.

“They also assisted us and gave us the courage to give it our all in the performance by guiding and training us on how to do things right.”

“Stuff like falling off the bridge wasn’t me,” he exclaimed, laughing. “Thank god Leon was there to do that for me.”

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