Emmerdale death, Corrie fire and EastEnders wedding twist – soap highlights for week ahead

Next week, all of the soap operas will have some significant moments, with Emmerdale, Coronation Street, and EastEnders delivering a variety of drama, happiness, and tragedy.

The tragic passing of Faith Dingle, a fan favorite, will be depicted in Emmerdale on Thursday as her loved ones bid her farewell.

On Coronation Street, there is fear after a house fire results in one character being taken to the hospital and another feeling remorseful.

Alfie Moon finally discovers a significant secret being revealed on EastEnders, and he has a lot of explaining to do. Here is a preview of the upcoming soap opera week.

EastEnders wedding bombshell

Just a few days before his wedding, Alfie Moon will reveal all about his secret bride-to-be.

Since his recent return, there has been no indication that Alfie is engaged; instead, he has been working to win back his ex-girlfriend Kat Slater and prevent her from getting married to Phil Mitchell.

Alfie and Kat are therefore both taken aback when an unknown young woman shows up in Walford and tells Alfie that he will be getting married in the morning.

The revelation of his marriage leaves Kat speechless and Alfie is left with a lot of explaining to do.

Alfie swiftly clarifies that the woman in issue is not his secret fiancée and that he is actually planning to wed someone else.

Alfie decides to let Kat meet his actual fiancée as he attempts to explain everything while she screams at him for lying to her and is astounded that he would conceal something so significant.

Corrie fire horror

Next week on Coronation Street, there will be some unsettling scenes because fresh spoilers indicate that one character is in danger due to a fire.

Aaron Sandford is shocked to learn that his father has been sent to the hospital when his home catches fire.

Since Eric confessed how his alcoholic father had been abusive toward him, the youngster, who is dating Summer Spellman, has grown away from him.

Aaron, who has been refusing to see him, is relieved the following week when Billy and Todd consent to check on Eric for him instead of him.

His dad strikes out at Aaron and sends him a barrage of irate texts.

When Billy and Todd soon return from their visit, they report that Eric was angry and intoxicated, which causes Summer to worry about what he may do to Aaron if he goes home.

This prevents Aaron from seeing him, only for catastrophe to occur.

Emmerdale death heartache

Faith Dingle will pass away the following week, according to Emmerdale spoilers, which also include heartbreaking details about her dying moments.

The character recently confessed plans to commit suicide and begged her daughter-in-law Moira Dingle to be there for her when the time came.

Faith is fighting cancer, and because the illness has spread, her health has declined recently.

Her tough choice resulted from her sharing her worries that, despite the greatest efforts of palliative care, she might still experience agony, lose her ability to communicate, and lose control of who she is as her cancer progresses.

It has now been revealed by fresh teasers that she will pass away next week, leaving her family inconsolable.

It is revealed that Faith plans to end her days alone without anyone or anything there, despite her conversations with Moira. Cain quickly foils her scheme, but it is too late to save her.

Devastated, Cain tries to comfort her as she draws nearer to passing away, and shortly after, she breathes her last.

When Cain learns that his mother has passed away, he is inconsolable, and soon Faith’s family and friends are devastated by the news of her passing.

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