Emmerdale David Metcalfe star’s life after show exit and horrific injury that derailed career

Since he originally joined the program in 2006, the soap opera actor has portrayed David Metcalfe in the fictitious Yorkshire community. The actor broke down in tears on This Morning this week as he revealed that his beloved role as David would shortly come to an end.

I am really anxious about leaving after almost 20 years, he admitted. The door has been left open, and it feels like the proper moment. They have agreed not to kill me off. Who knows, perhaps I’ll return. Certainly, but we’ll see.

As Matthew described the significance of the concert in his life, someone handed him a tissue to use to wipe away his tears.

In his own words, “The show gave me 18 years of an amazing job, it gave me a family so to leave it, it’s been a big part of my life and the most wonderful 18 years.” He said, “I met my wife on the show [Charley Webb, who played Debbie Dingle], we’ve had three kids.”

Three months after Charley revealed she was expecting their first child, Buster, the renowned couple acknowledged their relationship in 2007. On Christmas Day 2009, they got engaged. Though Matthew acknowledged they needed some space, the couple temporarily separated in 2013.

The soap opera actors prioritized raising Buster, and two years later they reignited their romance.

Bowie and Ace, two more children, have now been added to their family, and Charley and Matthew wed in 2018 in a private ceremony.

In addition to revealing how she informed guests they were attending her 30th birthday party, Charley also posted a picture of her lavish castle wedding. We’ve been going over our wedding photos today, she remarked. “I still love that no one knew and they all just thought it was my 30th birthday party,” she continued. It was exceptional.

Matthew was an accomplished gymnast before to entering the entertainment industry, but his career was cut short when he suffered a terrible injury at the age of 16.

The actor reportedly lost focus while performing gymnastics and fell off the equipment he was using, according to The Express.

His chances of becoming an athlete were completely shattered when he fell and broke two vertebrae in his neck. He concentrated on being an actor, but he admitted to the Loose Women that his mental health suffered when he needed a major operation after the injury.

I got lower and lower, he declared. My employment had to end. I was performing as a dancer in the West End at the time.

“I had to take a break from that because I had been on antidepressants for eight years.

As Matthew said: “Once you’re on anti-depressants, it’s quite hard to come off of them, I grew addicted to them. Similar to a bandage, almost. You may compare it to hiding your depression.

When he finally made the decision to begin counseling, he was able to gradually wean himself off the medicine, as he stated: “I stopped taking antidepressants after receiving the professional help I needed..”

Matthew, who recently stated that he will be appearing in a future pantomime, is eager to move on from his Emmerdale career. He announced to his Instagram fans: “I will be playing Buddy in Elf The Musical at the Dominion this Christmas.”

After the update, he received congratulations from celebrities and their admirers. “Congratulations!” remarked Bhasker Pater, who played Rishi Sharma in Emmerdale.

“I can’t wait,” wrote Victoria. You’re back on stage, Hayley continued. Yay! I can’t wait to watch it.

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