Emmerdale Danny’s Miller’s wife issues two word verdict as surprise return confirmed

The news of Danny Miller’s return to Emmerdale prompted his wife to send a message of support.

The actor, 31, is well-known for playing Aaron Dingle in the serial opera. In December, the protagonist left the made-up Yorkshire village when he left the Yorkshire Dales after finding it difficult to deal with the loss of his companion, Ben Tucker.

In order to explore other job options, Danny left the show. Since then, he has triumphantly been on I’m A Celebrity. Aaron will, however, briefly visit Emmerdale village in October to participate in the program’s 50th anniversary celebrations, according to show executives.

Jane Hudson, an executive producer, stated to the media: “Will he learn that his mother is having an affair with Paddy [Kirk], whom he considers to be his father? What if he finds out Sandra Flaherty isn’t just interested in Liv Flaherty?”

This summer, Danny wed Steph Jones, his high school sweetheart, and they had their first kid together the previous year. Steph uploaded a picture of Danny’s return while it was being covered on Lorraine and posted a message of encouragement.

“Go ahead,” she commanded.

Not only will Aaron be back in Emmerdale, but Diane Sugden and Tracey Metcalfe will also be visiting the community.

They will be at the center of some extremely important stories that will affect both their lives and the lives of the folks they will leave behind, producer Kate Brooks told the reporters.

A month of festivities in October will be dedicated to celebrating Emmerdale’s significant birthday. The episodes, according to the show’s producers, will center on a terrible storm that completely changes the imaginary community.

Kate also said “Several of our most cherished villagers will be in danger, and it will leave a large trail of devastation in its wake. Since this storm will have a significant impact, it is safe to state that the community will never be the same again.”Emmerdale Danny’s Miller’s wife issues two word verdict as surprise return confirmed

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