Emmerdale: Danny Miller and Adam Thomas have surprise family connection

Danny Miller and Adam Thomas, who work together on the serial opera Emmerdale, are good friends.

The Emmerdale friends, who are 31 and 34, have been featured frequently on each other’s social media accounts, demonstrating their close relationship.

And when the King of the Jungle of 2021 competed on I’m A Celebrity, Adam was a major source of encouragement for Danny.

Adam, however, previously disclosed the two’s unexpected connection, which is unrelated to their friendship.

It turns out that there is a familial connection that dates back years in addition to their soap association.

Emmerdale: Danny Miller and Adam Thomas’ friendship

During Adam Barton’s nine-year tenure on the serial opera, the actors Aaron Dingle and Adam Barton appeared in numerous scenes together.

He participated in the ITV series from 2009 to 2018.

And this weekend (October 1), they will be back together on television when they appear on The Hit List and compete against Judi Love and Charlene White.

However, as Danny was filming for his reality TV project at Gwrych Castle, the history of their close bond was revealed on Instagram.

Adam on meeting Danny

Adam gushed at the time about his love for his partner while sharing a photo of them sitting at a table with two other men and followers.

“You know when you just wish someone well in life and want them to do well and be happy… that’s the love I have for this man,” he wrote in the caption of the image.

Adam said, “Do you ever meet someone for the first time and just know they’re going to be in your life forever? That’s how it was when I first met Dan, then.

The relationship between the other people in the photo with them was also clarified by him. They are Dougie, Adam’s deceased father, and Vince, Danny’s father.

Stars’ unexpected family relationship

Adam said, “We both had no idea that our dads were longtime friends who had reconnected as a result of our friendship!

Stars’ surprise family connection

Moments like this you cherish forever.

Prior to Danny’s selection for I’m A Celebrity, Adam had already shared another photo of their meeting. bringing along more soap buddies.

Ryan Thomas, Adam’s brother and a former Corrie fan, and Kelvin Fletcher from Emmerdale joined the group of friends.

And Adam called them all “family” to emphasize how close they are to one another.

Some people you encounter in life…, he wrote. And you already know who will be present from beginning to end… The best part is that we’re still not done. We have only just begun!

“It’s family, not a friend thing,”

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