Emmerdale Dan star Liam Fox teases character’s prison sentence amid sad goodbyes

Fans of Emmerdale will experience emotional turmoil on Thursday as Dan Spencer bids the community farewell before being sentenced to prison.

Fans may remember that Dan punched Lloyd, the man who had been stalking his daughter Amelia online, causing him to suffer a severe head injury and put him in a coma.

Dan later entered a guilty plea to the charges brought against him without being aware that Lloyd had passed away in the hospital. Dan is currently looking at a lengthy prison term for manslaughter.

Things become emotional and genuine in Thursday’s episode when Dan departs the Woolpack for the last time. Dan takes his last trip after bidding the town a tearful farewell.

Later, as Dan enters the courtroom, his attorney reiterates that he should just serve a brief sentence.

Dan attempts to prepare himself for the conclusion, but he fears the worst because he knows he will have to kill someone.

Liam Fox, the star of the television series Dan, has revealed to the press, including Mirror, that his character is worried about how long he would spend in jail. I believe he is assuming he will receive three years, or something like.

He believes that he might be released from prison after 18 months, among other things. Nevertheless, can he handle 18 months? Do you think Dan can comprehend that? Whatever Dan does, he will be a different guy when, or if, he comes out. Dan is a person who will not get anything from prison.

Liam, who has been a cast member of the ITV serial since 2011, previously commented on the scripts for his character’s “last few days in the village” as follows: “Wow, this is fantastic, I thought as I read the scripts. He’s sort of taking it all in and understanding that he’s going and receiving assistance from other villagers.

There is some beautiful material. Before leaving, he enters the Woolpack, where Man Club is waiting for him and is genuinely rooting for him. Really good thing, really well written. Reading it brought a few tears to my eyes, so it’s definitely very sentimental and nice. I consider myself quite fortunate to have such a script written for the story.

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