Emmerdale cop PC Swirling’s life off soap – music career, secret name and Corrie stint

PC A beloved recurring character on the popular ITV soap opera Emmerdale is Mike Swirling.

Local constable for the Dales is played by Andy Moore, who has intermittently appeared in the serial opera since 2004.

He has been a recurring character for the longest time on the show and is frequently summoned into the community to look into murders, crimes, and other incidents.

Andy Moore is a renowned actor with a stellar resume who is not extensively associated with the Dingles or other problematic people.

He frequently gives his supporters a peek inside his life and other accomplishments while keeping them updated on his Facebook page.

There is a lot more to Andy than what Emmerdale viewers often see, aside from his role on the show.

The Daily Star examines Andy’s life outside of being PC Swirling, including his use of his own name, his time on Coronation Street, his role in The Bill, and even his career in music.

Real name

The link to Andy’s Facebook page, which also happens to be his sole social media account, says something different than the name that we are all familiar with.

The name Andy Whittaker appears in the link to his Facebook profile, indicating that he originally gave the page that name when it was formed.

His last name was formerly listed as Whittaker on the ITV website.

Additionally, a friend of Andy’s recently revealed his real name on Twitter, writing: “Our very dear friend Andy Whittaker who portrays PC Mike Swirling in the ITV soap Emmerdale absolutely approves of the band’s new T shirt.”

Corrie stint and other appearances

Like so many other soap stars, Andy has made appearances in a number of our favorite soap operas.

He made two driving appearances in Coronation Street back in 2005.

He reappeared on the cobblestones five years later while acting the part of a photographer.

Andy has made appearances in shows like The Bill, The Royal, and Fred and Marv in addition to primetime soap operas.

He appeared in the 2021 YouTube short film Barry Glitter, which has since been removed, according to a post on his Facebook.

Music career

On April 23 of this year, Andy updated his supporters on his most recent success on his Facebook page.

Andy excitedly shared a YouTube video by the indie group Courting while showcasing his most recent creations.

“Andy Moore staring in a music video for indie band Courting,” he wrote beside the video link, garnering five replies on his Facebook.

Lockdown film

In a quick 10-minute sketch that he produced and starred in during the coronavirus pandemic, Andy.

With the caption “When your online consultation with your doctor takes one gigantic step farther,” The Last Lockdown Sketch was posted to YouTube.

Over Zoom, the doctor guides his patient through a significant operation step by step.

Added by him to the caption: “The past few years certainly have been odd and stressful. This movie uses excessive exaggeration and a fairly grim twist to mock the strange time we’ve just emerged from as a sign that we’ve made it through it.”

One admirer even left a beautiful comment in the movie’s comments section: “That was wonderful I was encouraged to check it out by our mutual friend Susie Cakl as she also loves you in Emmerdale. My companion Kim really enjoyed it.”

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