Emmerdale confirms surprise tragic death as Dawn left devastated in overdose horror

Another passing has been reported in the ITV Dales, and Dawn Fletcher, a beloved character from Emmerdale, will learn that her best friend will pass away next week.

Dawn is concerned of her ability to attend the burial because her best friend Beth regrettably overdosed.

She makes the decision to pursue it, encouraged by her husband Billy’s encouragement, and then she and her other friend Jade reflect on the past.

Even though she knows it’s a bad idea, she decides to go back to Jade’s thereafter and is shocked to discover a youngster residing at the dilapidated house.

Dawn is shocked when Jade sedates herself and admits that the child, named Clemmie, is truly Beth’s daughter and is unaware that her mother has passed away.

When a suspicious-looking man enters the house, the situation spirals out of control, and Dawn desperately tries to assist Clemmie by promising to take her home with her and Billy and even paying the couple to do so.

Instead, as things go ugly, Clemmie grabs Dawn’s hand and the two flee after exchanging money.

When Dawn shows up in the village with the child, Billy begs her to call social services. When she adamantly declines, he worries about his wife.

He reluctantly agrees to let Clemmie spend one night with them, but can he persuade Dawn to act morally?

The death of Holly Barton is also brought to light once more the following week, so Dawn’s drug-related history isn’t the only one that will return to haunt her.

Unaware that the slideshow they are creating contains a picture of Holly on the day she passed away, Priya and Suzy get ready for the HOP and Take A Vow display in a frenzy.

When the image appears, Moira badgers Suzy for further details, trapping her when the adoring mother recognizes Holly’s dress as the one she was wearing the day she passed away.

Moira is desperate to find out what happened to her daughter, but when Suzy lies to her face, her dreams are destroyed.

Vanessa, however, is on the case and pressing Suzy because she is aware that she has not been truthful.

Suzy eventually narrates what happened the night Holly died, and when Moira shows up, Vanessa becomes terrified that she overheard everything.

However, Moira merely offers an apology for her outburst, and when Suzy declines to reveal the truth, Vanessa is left debating whether or not to retain her secret.

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