Emmerdale confirms reunion story for Amelia Spencer and Noah Dingle

In Emmerdale, Amelia Spencer and Noah Dingle decide to try their relationship again since they can’t imagine living without one another.

A few weeks ago, Amelia found out that her boyfriend had heard about Samson Dingle’s attempt at blackmail, and their relationship came to an abrupt stop. However, some significant news for Amelia appears to be the catalyst for their reconciliation.

It has been announced that Noah will assist Amelia in her cancer scare in subsequent scenes, which will eventually result in a reunion.

Amelia worries that, should anything happen to her, her daughter Esther will wind up with Samson despite Noah’s assurances that her breast lump is likely not cancerous.

He acknowledges that he still desires for them to be together, but it is obvious that a distraught Amelia is unclear of her emotions.

Later, when Amelia tells him that she’s missed him and they kiss, Noah is in awe.

Amelia’s on-screen wife, Daisy Campbell, recently revealed to the media that she had unexpectedly parted ways with Noah. Daisy exclusively shared with us: “It’s one of those situations where you know it’s horrible for you, but you want them still.

“Nathan has so many positive qualities, thus Amelia’s decision to leave hurts deeply. However, I believe she also has a strong sense of self-determination.

She doesn’t want that negativity or those lies to come between her and her kid, especially now that she is a parent, since she has someone else to consider. But she had a difficult time making that choice.

Campbell also expressed her desire for their reconciliation, saying: “I hope they can get back together, because they definitely come across great on screen – well, I think they do!”

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