Emmerdale confirms change in Samson Dingle’s storyline

Samson Dingle will experience a significant change in forthcoming episodes, according to Emmerdale.

The youngster used to be kind and outgoing, but ever since it became known that he is the father of Amelia Spencer’s little daughter Esther, he has displayed a more darker side.

Samson’s terrible activities have included blackmailing Noah to keep away from him and refusing to have any contact with his daughter.

In the wake of Amelia’s health concern when she discovers a lump on her breast, Samson is now poised to exhibit a gentler side once more.

Next week’s episodes feature moments in which Noah tells Samson’s stepmother Lydia that Amelia is naturally concerned about the findings of her biopsy.

When Lydia learns about Samson’s brutal answer, she becomes very enraged and launches into a diatribe about how Samson has treated the mother of his kid.

Sam defends his son since he recognizes that Samson was struggling after his own mother Alice passed away from cancer not long after Samson was born.

Samson ultimately reveals that despite his concerns for Esther’s future, he is aware that he is unable to provide the same kind of parental guidance that Sam has provided for him.

Sam stands by his son, and in an effort to mend fences, Samson agrees to make amends to Amelia the next day. However, Amelia rejects Samson’s attempt to finally bring the two families together since she is worn out and concerned about the lump.

Whether Samson tells Amelia the truth about the cause of his abandonment issues will have to be seen by viewers.

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