Emmerdale Chas and Al’s steamy affair set to be ‘exposed’ in Cain Dingle twist

As fans anticipate a “explosive” turn for the couple in Emmerdale, Chas Dingle and Al Chapman’s affair may be revealed by Cain Dingle.

The highly anticipated Marlon and Rhona wedding episode airing the following week implies that the affair may soon be made public after Chas and Al sneak away for a steamy session at the reception.

The episode was shown in a special press preview before the commencement of Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary festivities. It featured Chas lying to husband Paddy Kirk about feeling sick before meeting Al at his home.

Cain, however, unexpectedly shows up to pick up Leo’s tablet from the residence and almost runs into Chas and Al.

When Cain notices two champagne glasses on the table, he immediately becomes suspicious that Al is having an extramarital affair with Kerry and orders Chas to “send on his condolences” to her.

How will the siblings’ relationship be affected by Cain finding out that Al and Chas were having an affair? This seems to be the episode’s main plot element. Will this rekindle the conflict between Al and Cain?

Fans have already anticipated that the villagers’ reaction to the affair news will be “explosive,” with some speculating that Cain, Chas, and Al will argue as a result of the affair.

They declared: “This Al and Chas affair narrative is going to be so explosive when it all comes out. There hasn’t been a truly excellent affair storyline in a soap in ages.”

“I hope she and Al are discovered. Another supporter added: “Poor Paddy deserves better, and I hope Kerry and Paddy learn about Al and Chas.”

It certainly seems plausible that Chas’ brother could be the one who discovers the affair, and fans certainly seem to believe so too. Cain has become suspicious of Al after their surprise encounter in next week’s episode.

It appears likely that Al and Cain’s ongoing argument could escalate if Cain learns the truth. One fan wrote: “Just when Cain and Chas are bonding, they need to show Al,” along with a GIF of a person shaking their head disapprovingly.

Another person said: “The 5000th time Chas has slept with Al. Paddy doesn’t deserve this, and I’m terribly sorry for him. That’s when Cain and Al’s conflict erupted again.”

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