Emmerdale Chas and Al’s affair in jeopardy as Paddy creeps closer to the truth

The most despised couple in Emmerdale, Chas Dingle and Al Chapman, may have their affair revealed next week as Paddy gets closer to the truth, according to spoilers.

Despite the chaos their relationship is already generating, the pair still intends to stay together once the fatal storm subsides, with Aaron being horrified by his mother’s actions.

The following week, Chas is concerned that Aaron will reveal her illicit relationship.

Aaron hesitantly agrees when Paddy begs his step-son to talk things over with his mother. However, when Aaron claims that Chas lied about breaking up with Al, Chas fiercely refutes this.

Chas, who is not above using emotional blackmail, gets Aaron to back off, and she is relieved when she encourages him to decide to leave Emmerdale once more.

Chas hides her tracks when Paddy expresses his anguish about Aaron moving on.

However, her spouse quickly recognizes that the puzzle’s parts are simply not coming together and begins to worry about their marriage.

Al assures Chas that they’ll be prepared to flee and begin their new life together soon while working to stall Kerry’s efforts to move their wedding forward.

Next week, there will be other affairs as well, as Chloe, who is secretly expecting Mack’s child, is tempted to permanently leave the hamlet.

When Mackenzie notices Charity and Chloe conversing, he becomes scared that his secret will be revealed.

Kerry is annoyed by Chloe’s determination that Mack be held accountable for his deeds; however, Kerry only interprets this to mean that Mack dumped her after a brief one-night affair while being uninformed of her pregnancy.

Kerry is saddened when Chloe decides to go to Leeds and does everything to persuade her to stay. But will it be sufficient?

When Chloe eventually confesses to being pregnant, how will Kerry respond?

In another area, Bernice is put in charge of organizing a village-wide cleanup following the storm damage.

But as the job goes on, Bob’s irritation with being her assistant grows. Will Bob bring Bernice down a notch in her leadership position, where she is thriving?

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