Emmerdale Charles Anderson star’s life away from the screen and surprise past with music icon

Kevin Mathurin has become one of Emmerdale’s most adored characters very rapidly.

The 50-year-old actor is well known for playing the fictional Yorkshire village’s vicar, Charles Anderson. The character debuted on the program on Christmas Day 2020 when he filled in for Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk during their wedding.

Since then, he has become involved in some of the most dramatic plotlines on the show, and he is now dating Manpreet Sharma. This week, Charles was in the spotlight as he revealed the real reason Alex Moore is dating Naomi Anderson.

Alex was stealing medications from Manpreet’s GP office and used the friendship to ingratiate himself with the family.

The Liam Boyce-played character has since been admitted to the hospital after being struck by a car.

After Naomi informed the authorities of her father’s tense relationship with Alex, Charles was detained in last night’s episode because the authorities believed he had a motive for the crime.

Thankfully, Kevin’s life off-screen is less dramatic than that of his on-screen counterpart. The soap opera star, however, is not merely a gifted actor; this week, he revealed on Lorraine that he once had a great career as a dancer. “My journey started more on the dance career when I left college in 1991, so I kept going down that road,” he remarked.

When Kevin stated that he shared the stage with music legend Diana Ross at Madison Square Garden in New York, Lorraine Kelly gasped. He said: “We had a moment where she liked to switch the running order of the show, so we would come on thinking we were doing a dance routine, and one time she decided ‘Ok I got a friend here in the audience.'”

And as this friend approaches the stage, Luther Vandross appears. I find myself sitting there thinking, “I can’t believe this is happening,” as they sing a duet about unending love.

On the ITV talk program, Kevin also discussed his joyful family life. He has been dating successful DJ Nikki Beatnik for a long time.

“She’s very talented at what she does, and she’s been to some incredible places,” he remarked. She makes me proud, and I adore listening to her incredible sets.

Kevin claimed he is not intending to give up anytime soon and that he is happier than ever in the fictional Yorkshire village. He also hinted that viewers will soon learn more about Charles’ strange past. He is a wonderful character, the actor added.

I adore the fact that he is not your typical small-town vicar. You’ll learn more about his past as the character and storylines develop and why he turned to God.

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