Emmerdale character ‘working against’ Caleb as they ‘expose him’ to Kim Tate

On Wednesday night, Emmerdale broadcast scenes that worried Nicky and Caleb Miligan because it seemed like Will Taylor had noticed Caleb’s peculiar behavior.

Will was concerned that Caleb had chosen to take the day off and was missing just hours after receiving a sizable business deal that would make him a lot of money.

He was honest with his wife Kim Tate about his lack of trust for Caleb, her business partner, and revealed that he had been watching him.

He and Kim still don’t know that Caleb is the father of Home Farm nanny Nicky, and the two are conspiring to ruin Kim and leave her penniless.

Kim just discovered that her ex-husband Frank Tate’s hidden son was now present and demanded the money they were owed.

She is unaware that Caleb, Faith Dingle’s son, is the mystery heir and that he wants everything she owns in addition to his inheritance.

Will wondered where Caleb was in the most recent episode as he disappeared from Home Farm despite the fact that he and Kim had invested in a new business proposition hours before.

On Tuesday night, Caleb announced he had negotiated a better price for them, resulting in some financial savings for the new stud farm they were developing together.

Will was quick to call Caleb out because he had been MIA during the most recent episode and had not given Kim her fair part of the money they had received back.

Will expressed his worry about Caleb’s persuasiveness and his interest in Kim’s company shortly after Caleb encouraged her to change lawyers and join his firm and advised her to make an offer.

He was concerned Caleb was abusing Kim and her good fortune and that he might be up to something, calling out his actions and advice to Kim.

He was unaware that Nicky, who was upstairs, was hearing the entire exchange via the baby monitor.

He overheard Will expressing his unease with Caleb, describing his behavior as “off,” and claiming there was something about him that he didn’t trust.

Kim expressed her disapproval but made it clear that she “pulled the strings” and reviewed all contracts to make sure there were no problems.

Caleb called Nicky out since he didn’t want people to see them together. Nicky eventually talked his dad into meeting up with him in the village.

To get Will off their backs, Nicky advised him to return to Home Farm and pay the debt owed to Kim.

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